You don’t outsmart competition
by doing the same
Take co...
Dynamic Retail Fuel Pricing
- from strategic rule based pricing to advanced AI pricing
Evidently, the more detailed you know your customers be-
havior and how and when they react to even the smallest
changes, ...
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Spend your time and resources better by using PriceCast Fuel to set the fuel prices more optimal. Let the software automatically set the prices after the best strategy for your business. PriceCast Fuel uses live transactional and competitor data input to automatically calculate the most optimal price several times a day so that each station can reach its individual business goal.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. PRICECAST FUEL© RETAIL FUEL PRICING – MANAGEMENT AND OPTIMIZATION You don’t outsmart competition by doing the same Take competitive advantage of advanced dynamic pricing
  • 2. Dynamic Retail Fuel Pricing - from strategic rule based pricing to advanced AI pricing OPTIMIZED & AUTOMATED PRICING PROCESSES Going from manual operation to strategy management – spending the time and resources better. Having PriceCast Fuel managing the price setting for each product on each station within the regional corporate con- straints all you need to do is to set the right local strategy, which will give the best possible results according to the regional budgets and objectives. The local strategy might vary a lot from station to station. On some stations the strategy might just be to work with simple rules and let the price follow competition strictly with a fixed distance. On other stations the strategy can be to optimize the price within a tolerance spread of e.g. 2 eurocent to competition. Yet on a third group of stations the strategy can be, to be the price leader and set the optimal price - with the desired balance between volume and margin - staying within corporate constraints. There can be several strategies. They can be local, regional or national, and with the use of KPIs, PriceCast will continu- ously let you know, if the station is on track, and whether it will be able to reach the budgets and objectives with the cho- sen strategy, or if and how the strategy should be modified. APPLYING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TO BIG DATA – WHERE IT MAKES SENSE! PriceCast Fuel represents the next generation pricing sys- tems and has already revolutionized the Retail Fuel industry in parts of Europe and set new standards for how the most ambitious retailers optimize their business and play the stra- tegic game of pricing. With the use of Artificial Intelligence PriceCast Fuel detects behavioral patterns in Big Data (all available data relevant to the sale) and relates to customer and competitor reactions with a frequency and level of accuracy that users of tradition- al pricing systems only can dream about. Dynamically mapping customer and competitor behavior in order to identify the optimal route (price setting) through out the day, makes it possible to relate to any given change in the local situation for a given station and re-route accordingly when necessary and within seconds. MORE EFFICIENT AND ACCURATE PRICE SETTING Why only work with percentages (%) when PriceCast can work for you with “per-milles” (‰) too? How much is it ac- tually possible to change the price without influencing cus- tomer and competitor behavior? The additional volume and margin is in the details and the details are in the Big Data! PRICECAST FUEL©
  • 3. Evidently, the more detailed you know your customers be- havior and how and when they react to even the smallest changes, the more you can optimize your business. By applying artificial intelligence to your historical and your live transactions PriceCast Fuel detects the details that gives the extra “per-milles” (‰), which means additional millions at the bottom line. DEEP LOCAL MARKET INSIGHT The world is dynamic! No matter whether you have 3000 or 300 stations in your regional network, each station exists in a world of its own. The impact of location, the season, the day, the time, the competition, the weather, your brand image and your pricing plus many other factors, will be differ- ent from station to station and product to product. It is not even likely that one station will ever experience two Wednes- days with an identical product sale. Every day is a new day and only the ability to sum up and learn from all similar and relevant experiences (Big Data) will get you close to knowing how your pricing will influence your customers behavior. That is why PriceCast is in perfect touch with the sale of each product on each station – dynam- ically mapping and predicting local customer behavior from minute to minute and transaction-to-transaction – optimizing the ‰ within the corporate constraints and according to the local strategy. MOBILITY, FLEXIBILITY AND SCALABILITY PriceCast Fuel is completely OS independent and runs on all HTML5 compatible tablets. This gives a flexibility making it possible for users to access the PriceCast tool from anywhere and at any time. Depend- ing on roles relevant features and information can be acces- sible from the field as well as the office or home. Reports can be created exactly in the shape and format you wish and even exported to other systems or programs if needed. PriceCast Fuel will never be your limit as the system grows with you. Should you decide to deploy the system ex. world wide the system scales with you and your users. STANDARD OR BESPOKE, EASY INTEGRATION AND DEPLOYMENT “Straight out of the box” or “tailor-made” specifically to your desired way of working? Or maybe somewhere in between… The choice is yours. No matter what, implementing a new pricing solution should not be a significant IT project. Data access and time-to-market is the key to success. This is why PriceCast Fuel is OS independent and designed to integrate with any ERP, POS or other third party system with which it will share information. This makes PriceCast Fuel an add- on easily integrated into virtually any existing infrastructure complex. It is our belief that complexity and uniform user interfaces kills efficiency and the joy of high performance. That is why PriceCast is build with a modular and intuitive user interface designed for business excellence. Easy deployment gives a smooth transition and the best possible conditions for rapid success.
  • 4. GET IN TOUCH a2i systems A/S +45 3168 3120 VAT no.: 30602730 HEADQUARTER a2i systems A/S Blangstedgårdsvej 8 DK-5220 Odense Denmark COPENHAGEN a2i systems A/S International House Center Boulevard 5 DK-2300 Copenhagen S Denmark STRATEGIC BUSINESS AGILITY Different markets and different business strategies requires different approaches to pricing. This is why PriceCast Fuel is designed with the flexibility to deploy the right strategy for the local business. STRATEGIC RULE BASED PRICING Strategic Rule Based pricing is the traditional choice when the business strategy simply is to base the pricing decision on a set of business rules and restrictions. The rules can be linked to a long complex list of input e.g. competitor prices, volume sales targets, time, margin, psychological filters etc. Often Strategic Rule Based pricing can be a simple and yet very efficient pricing strategy if the Brand Image ex. is: “We are always the cheapest alternative”. RESTRICTED AI PRICING Restricted AI pricing is efficient when the strategy is to follow the competition with a variable tolerance distance. The stra- tegy could be to allow a tolerance spread from the competi- tion on e.g. plus or minus 1,5 eurocent and then let the AI Optimization Module find the optimal price within this spread. If the strategy is never to be more expensive than competi- tion, the tolerance can be one-sided e.g. plus 0 and minus 3 eurocent. Then the AI module will find the optimal price, just below competition, but still with room for optimization – according to volume and margin objectives. Restricted AI is a modern and much more dynamic and ef- ficient alternative to conventional price elasticity systems. Where conventional price elasticity is based on static algo- rithms that have to be recalculated on a regular basis to ensure up-to-date accuracy, restricted AI will in its nature always be self-updating and thereby dynamically staying in close contact with the market. ADVANCED AI PRICING Advanced AI pricing is the ultimate strategy when the objec- tive is to reach the absolute optimal balance between the volume and margin-budgets. Advanced AI pricing is based on learning algorithms to con- struct dynamic profiles of customers and their purchasing patterns, as well as competitors and their strategies on both micro and macro scales. PriceCast Fuel’s AI module uses sophisticated methods for reasoning about uncertainty and dealing with incomplete data to mimic a flexible, almost hu- man-like behavior. These methods allow PriceCast Fuel to rapidly, intelligently, and continuously react to changing cus- tomer behavior, changing markets, and unexpected events. The automated and continuous observation of the complex interactions obscured in the data results in a system with superhuman expertise. That is the key to the superior per- formance of PriceCast Fuel compared to conventional, less adaptable systems. Business Optimization HighLowMid Strategic precision, flexibility and agilityHighLow Mid Conventional price elasticity Optimization Automation Scalability Price Scalability Automation Scalability Advanced AI Pricing Restricted AI Pricing Strategic Rule Based Pricing

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