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Presto risk analytics

Presto is an innovative lightweight downloadable software that can natively take all formats of telecom files as input, parse, transform, store and generate reports, KPIs, alerts for Revenue Analytics. Presto’s free trial version provides pre-defined analytics for TAP files
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. PRESTO Risk Analytics Suite FIRST– OF-ITS-KIND PORTABLE ANALYTICAL SOLUTION Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have always wanted, demanded and waited for a real solution that can address the problem of multiple data formats, types and sources.. IT departments have faced this challenge for a long time and have resigned to work-around that involve significant manual effort and large excel files. This is an unsustainable solution as operators across the globe are finding out. Operators are focusing more and more on Quality of Service (QoS) as a critical metric of their offerings and this involves analyzing different aspects of the service. This translates to dealing with numerous data sources such as MSC, GSN, IN, TAP... Internally this also raises the challenge of revenue optimization in this new interconnected world. Addressing this requires large enterprise scale systems with long implementation timeframe and requiring substantial amount of investment – monetary and time. CSPs are often not provided with the flexibility to select the risk areas that are most critical for them and are also not offered an easy exit option from the vendor Gamma announces a revolutionary solution that dramatically changes the situation. For the first time there is a solution that takes on the challenges head-on – Presto from Gamma. Presto is an innovative light weight downloadable component that can natively process telecom files and generate analytics. No more manual intervention, no more excel files and no more frustration. Fast and intelligent, Presto handles all the deserialization, parsing, enrichment and analyses of data. Justpoint to your raw files and Presto does the rest. This product suite provides holistic and maximum coverage of the risk areas the CSPs are exposed to Gamma’s game changing innovation extends to offering this as on-premises or cloud service model including optional free cloud storage. And a free version of the software means that CSPs can start trying this out and benefitting from this solution right away A smart visualization dashboard with drill down and real time capabilities means this is a complete solution including technical and domain support WWW.GAMMANALYTICS.COM 551Wilmot Road, New Rochelle, New York 10804 | p: +1 914 740 4067
  • 2. 551 Wilmot Road New Rochelle New York 10804 P: +1 914 740 4067 KEY HIGHLIGHTS  Mass processing capability with real-time alerts and reports  On-the-fly aggregation and correlations: In-memory analytics engine enabling alerts and reports during data in motion “the real real-time”  Range of powerful visualization with drilldown capability and compare multiple sources on a single screen that aid investigation and historical data analysis  Rapid Deployment: Off the shelf collector, de-serializer, enrichment plug-in and loader for various data sources and make. Deployment within a few days with minimum customization.  Flexibility in terms of coverage area and purchase/ subscription scheme including free trial for specific data sources  Minimum hardware procurement time: Flexibility forhosting on cloud (Amazon: S3, EC2, Redshift, DynamoDB; Google: Storage engine, Big Query; Rackspace..), commodity hardware and hybrid model PRODUCT OVERVIEW ABOUT GAMMA ANALYTICS The first big data analytics company that includes domain intelligence to enable, streamline, manage and derive value from telecom data. Gamma Analytics has a team of highly skilled telecom and analytics experts with decades experience in providing solutions to wireline, wireless and cable and VOIP operators. Gamma Analytics is the first company to offer pre- built analytics for telecom providers. Gamma Analytics currently process terabytes of data daily for customers in Americas and Africa and is continuously increasing its footprint across the globe. TECHNICAL HIGHGHTS JDK 8 NoSql SQL Spring Shiro Mlib JCache Quartz HTML5 CSS3 JQuery Fusion D3

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