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National Nutrition Month

The newsletter was distributed during National Nutrition Month at Saint Joseph Hospital in Chicago, IL.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - National Nutrition Month

  • 1. National Nutrition Month “Eat Right with Color” Why are different colors of fruit andTop Ten Reasons toEat Fruit and Veggies vegetables important in the diet?1. Adds color and The color of the fruit or A, which will help pro- texture to meals vegetable is a strong tect the eyes and pre-2. Convenient hint of the types of vent macular degenera- phtyochemicals found in tion. Also, yellow foods3. High in fiber them. Phytochemicals tend to have high vita-4. Low in calories are non-vitamin nutri- min C which may help ents thought to protect with immune function5. May reduce risk of our bodies. and reduce risk of birth disease defects. Red: contains a plant cancers. This color6. Contains many vita- group contains many pigment lycopene and Green: contains luteins mins and minerals anthocyanins that may which aid in eye health. powerful antioxidants protect the cells from The cruciferous vegeta- important for your7. Many varieties damage and decrease bles, like broccoli, cab- health.8. Quick the risk of some cancers, bage, and kale contain White: High in allicins9. Fun to eat like prostate cancer. folate which will help which may help lower prevent birth defects. cholesterol and improve10. Natural and Orange/Yellow: con- blood pressure. Blue/Purple: Contain delicious tains a plant pigment anthocyanins may have carotenoid. Beta caro- a protective effect tene is an example and against some is converted to vitaminHow can you Preserve Fruit and Vegetable by ColorNutrients? Red ternut squash Blue/Purple Increase fiber intake Red apple, strawber- Green blueberries, blackber- by eating the peel ries, watermelon, Green apples or ries, prunes, raisin, Steam vegetables guava, tomato, or red grapes, honeydew figs, or eggplant pepper melon, kiwi, limes, and avoid boiling White Orange/Yellow broccoli, avocado Banana, onion, jicama, them Papaya, orange, grape- (higher in fat and calo- ginger, parsnip, or po- Serve right after fruit, mango, carrots, ries), spinach, zuc- tato corn, pumpkin, or but- chini, or peas

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