Clifton resident
organizes event,
at MSU, collects
145inches of hair
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. -.. PonytailDrivebenefitscancerpatients: Clifton resident organizes event, at MSU, collects 145inches of hair ByAdamGreenberg staffWriter CLlFTON - In 2006,lifelong Cityresident and Montclair State University student Alicia Feghhi donated 10 inches of her hair to Locksof Love,a publicnon-profit organization that provid~ hair- piecesto childrenunder ite ageof 18who aresufferingfromhairloss. In 2007,Oprah kicked off the Pantene Beautiful Lengths drive when she cut an 8-inch ponytail from actress Hilary Swank. Inspired, Alicia decided to donate another 9 inches of her hair to the new drive which has a goal to accumulate one million inches of hair for women who have lost their hair as a result of chemotherapy to treat cancer. But donating was not enough. Alicia said she wanted to help the program reach its goal. "I want to do something bigger:' shesaid. In April, her ambition was to set up a "Ponytail Drive" that would aid Pantene Beautiful Lengths in reaching its end goal. However, she POLICEBLOTTER FROM PAGE9 Ford Taurus. A folding knife and the stolen cell phone were found in Mayor's jacket, according to police reports. .1 1 "'i1l1 said the processofbringingevery- thing together was more arduous than she had realized. First, she had to find sponsorsfor the event and fortunately, the MSU-based philanthropic organization H.EAR T. (Helping Each Other and Redefining Tomorrow) stepped in to offer a small, yet very welcomed financial backing. to store on Bridewell Place on Oct 23, at 5:20 p.m. Security officers, according to police reports, observed Bonilla using a box cutter to remove the cologne from its box. The officers responded and recov- ered the box cutter and found mar- ijuana and a pipe in Bonilla's pos- IIl's!ion, ul~cordin~ to Dolice };I of 145 inches of hair. "I interviewed every [donor...] "I Lots of them knew someone who ,. had sufferedfrombreast cancer or died from it Just to see the smiles on their faces (and the shock) when they heard the snips of their hair was awe-inspiring.I was touched. I'd say this is the biggest accomplishment of my life...so far.' Regarding the turnout, Alicia said she wishes there had been more donors, but added she was "overly pleased considering how it came together. "I have gotten a lot of e-mails since having the event I knew there would have been a bigger turnout had therebeenmore time~' Fortunatelyfor Alicia,she may PHOTOCOURTESYOFALICIA FEGHHI getherchance,infact,~fewmore chances.With the relativesuccess of this first"PonytailDrive:'MSU and H.EAR T. are interested in making this an annual event - potentially biannual. "For the next Ponytail Drive, it will be bigger and better. I will have more hands helping me, along with more funds and a bigger room~' Finding sponsorship was not the only problem the graduate student faced. Another big hurdle was find- ing a salon not only interested in helping the cause, but willing to do it for nothing more than publicity. "It was hard. I called a lot of [uninterested] salons and then I called Salonsf (in Nutley) and they said, 'sure~' With that, Alicia set a date and time for Oct 13, noon to 4 p.m. Unfortunately, with everything pushed to the following semester, she would only have a month to spread the word for the first-time drive to the student body of New Jersey's second biggest university. Over the course of the four hours,13womendonateda total MUHAMMmANWAR,36, of Nutley, was arrested and charged with shoplifting DVDs from the Costeo on Bridewell Place on Oct 24. According to police reports, a security officer observed Anwar attempting to leave the store with the unpaid merchandise. He was um'sted fUldtrunsported to Dolin' shopliftingpotato chipsand other items from Walgreens on Main Avenue on Oct 24. Accordingto policereports,Sgt. Christopher Kelly and Kevin Colucci responded to the store and were told by the managerthat Black had also been spotted on the ~to~~"s 8l~I.:vdlhIl1Cl' V1dl:O !hopl.ift ~ MSUstudent and Clifton resident, Alicia Feghhi,right, makesthe first cut in the Ponytail Drive to collect hair for cancer patients. I" ALANBEAM,45, of Garfield,was arrested and charged with shoplift- ing a cart full of merchandise from Pathmark on Ackerman Avenue on Oct 26. Accordingto policereports,a store employee observed Bean1 try- ing to leavewith the unpaid mer- chandise consisting of .non.foods

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