Unraveling the Mystery • Pressure Transducers in modern automationIn modern automation monitoring and controlling pres...
Why should you consider calibration? • With automated systems equipment automatically performs adjustments. If bad i...
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Pressure transducer white paper

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Unraveling the Mystery • Pressure Transducers in modern automationIn modern automation monitoring and controlling pressure are often key sections in outputproduct quality and final testing. From draft level room pressure sensors used to ensure isolationto Hydraulic sensors measuring tons of force used in burst testing, pressure sensors of all rangesand types are everywhere in modern automationIf you processes involve any form of pressure monitoring or control, calibration should beimportant to you and if you measure pressure for final inspection or testing, they are already animportant part of your quality system.How do we measure pressure in a digital world? • Weve all seen an analog pressure gauge before. The gauge is attached to a port in a system and someone needs to look at the gauge to know what the pressure is, and make adjustments to optimize the pressure. • In todays automated systems pressure is typically monitored by electronic devices that transmit information to other devices that control and adjust a system to operate at optimal conditions. Modern devices An analog pressure gauge, can transmit their data by analog electrical signals (4-20mA, 1-5VDC, 0- the old way to measure 10VDC, 0-100mV signals are all common and standardized) or digital pressure signals like RS-232, HART, USB and even over wireless computer networks. • These devices are called pressure transducers or pressure transmitters and they work in a number different ways to measure pressure and transmit information to their host systems.What should you know about pressure transducers? • Pressure Transducers are all around you, here are some examples:HVAC Systems to measure airflow Factory production linesHydraulic Machinery Steam SystemsCompressed air monitoring and control Liquid filling operationsTire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) AutoclavesPlastic Extrusion Burst TestingVacuum Molding Leak Testing A Diagram of a pressure transducerCopyright © 2013 Alliance Calibration. All rights reserved Page 1 of 2
  • 2. Why should you consider calibration? • With automated systems equipment automatically performs adjustments. If bad information is coming in, bad product will be coming out. Calibration of measuring instruments in automated systems is essential to maintain product quality. Alliance Calibration is accredited in a wide • If pressure measurements are an important part of your variety of disciplines Visit product then they should be a part of your quality system www.alliancecalibration.com and calibration should be very important to you. to find out how we can help with your calibration and quality program. • Be sure you have the confidence that the technicians working on your systems are familiar with all the potential communication types involved in the calibration of your sensors. Incorrect or improper adjustment can lead to downtime and even equipment failure.Why the calibration lab you choose is important? • Alliance Calibration is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited to perform calibration on Pressure Instruments. While not every industry requires ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, the accreditation means that an independent nationally recognized organization has witnessed and approved the procedures and methods used in the calibration of specific devices along with the quality system of the lab. This helps to provide an extra level of confidence that the calibration lab you choose in competent. • Alliance Calibrations technicians and quality staff have also earned certifications through the American Society For Quality. ASQ is the worlds leading membership organization devoted to quality. Its one thing to say your staff is well trained, at Alliance Calibration we prove it!In Closing • I hope you now have a little better understanding of the equipment you use to measure pressure and just how many devices are out there. The proper measurement of these parameters can greatly reduce rework, defects, warranty issues and customer complaints, and can also aid in the refinement of manufacturing methods and equipment maintenance. I hope you chose Alliance Calibration for your calibration needs, and always consider the level of confidence you have in a calibration laboratory before before placing your fate in their hands. Thank You, The P&T GuruCopyright © 2013 Alliance Calibration. All rights reserved Page 2 of 2

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