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Pool decks that stay cool under hot weather.2

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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Pool Decks That Stay Cool Under Hot Weather It is such a hassle for people who are going swimming to step on pool decks that have been exposed to sunlight for hours. The absorption of heat of the ground or pool deck makes it inconvenient for people to step on them. However, they cannot do anything about it. Not only do they need to pass through the pool deck before reaching the swimming pool area but this is also the place where people stay to hang out under the bright sun. Luckily, there have been recent measures in order to avoid this kind of scenario. For homeowners who do not want to spend in refurbishing expenses, they can opt to spray their pool decks with water. The concrete will not heat up as much as when it is totallydry. Though this will raise the water utility expense of the homeowners, this method is stillconsidered the quickest and the least expensive way to prevent the heating of the concrete pooldecks.Colors can not only help in enhancing the beauty of the pool deck but this can also affect in theheat absorption quality of the concrete. House owners should choose to use light and pastelcolored materials because dark tinted objects can absorb more heat. They can use this colorscheme to repaint their pool decks to utilize the coolness it can give to the facility.Polymer based resurfacing systems is one of the recent trends that were developed to maintaincooler pool decks. These are spray-applied cement polymer products which are intended toprevent heat from being trapped in the material in order to retain its cool temperature. It is appliedover the concrete base while undergoing the cooling process to significantly lessen the externalsurface temperature. It also contains orange-peel texture which makes air pockets available tokeep the surface cooler.These products do not only keep the Concrete Stained Floors from heating up but it also addsdurability to the product deck materials. It also coats the concrete with additional stain andmoisture resistance that can avoid the appearance of mold and mildew. This coating help preventcracks and fissures that can be produced as a result of the penetration of moisture and chemicalcompounds to the concrete. This also possesses skidding resistance properties that are goodsafety precautionary measures for pool users.Even though adding these formulas will strengthen the concrete, this will not hinder in theconvenient cleaning of the pool deck. These polymer products can also help prolong the goodquality of the concrete pool decks of the homeowners. However, the downside for the use of thistype of material is its complexity of replacement. It will be more difficult and more costly to replacethe spray-formula after it has been coated in the concrete.Enjoyment is the ultimate reason why house owners build swimming pool and pool decks in theirproperties. They can employ these aforementioned techniques to prevent the heating of theconcrete pool decks in order to fully relax and unwind with their loved ones. House owners shouldnever let the scorching heat get on the way of the ultimate summer vacation experience.

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