Pre-Survey/Consent Form                                                                    Number:  _______________1. Are ...
No</li></ul>2. Choose one of the following that applies to you:<br />Freshman<br />Sophomore <br />Junior <br />Senior <br...
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Pre-survey Consent Form

Introduction script used for a usability study of the California State University, Fresno Henry Madden Library web site by campus faculty in 2010-2011.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Pre-survey Consent Form

  • 1. Pre-Survey/Consent Form                                                                    Number:  _______________1. Are you 18 years old or older?<br /><ul><li>Yes
  • 2. No</li></ul>2. Choose one of the following that applies to you:<br />Freshman<br />Sophomore <br />Junior <br />Senior <br />Other <br />3. Your Major: ____________________________________<br />4. How often do you use the library web site? <br />6+ times a month<br />3-5 times a month <br />2-3 times a month <br />Once a month<br />Less than once a month<br />I never use the library's web site. <br />5. When do you use the library web site? Check all that apply. <br /><ul><li>I never use the library’s web site.
  • 3. Only when an assignment requires me to
  • 4. To find books and materials of personal interest
  • 5. To access other campus web sites (e.g. Blackboard, My Fresno State, etc…)
  • 6. To enhance my knowledge of topics introduced in my classes </li></ul>See Reverse <br />6. When you use the library web site, do you find what you need?<br />Yes<br />Somewhat<br />No opinion<br />Not Really<br />No<br />7. In your opinion, is the library's website user-friendly?  <br />Yes<br />Somewhat<br />No opinion<br />Not Really<br />No<br />8. Do you feel comfortable using computers? <br />Yes<br />Somewhat<br />Neutral<br />Not Really<br />No<br />9. This study requires that we videotape you using the library’s web site. We will use the recording of you using the library’s web site primarily for data collection and may use brief excerpts for educational purposes such as presentations, web sites, or conferences. Your name will not be used. By signing below, you are giving consent for the researchers to use your recorded image for the purposes described above. <br />Printed Name: __________________________________________<br />Signature: _____________________________________________<br />Thank you! The Web Usability Work GroupHenry Madden Library<br />