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Press Release_Participant Media Teams with eProvStudio_Announcement

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press Release_Participant Media Teams with eProvStudio_Announcement

  • 1.                   Participant  Media  Teams  with   eProvStudio  /  Senior  Entrepreneurship  Works   To  Host  Global  Summits  on  the  “Experienced  Economy”       Timed  to  the  Worldwide  Theatrical  Release  of   FOX  SEARCHLIGHT  PICTURES  Presents   In  Association  with  PARTICIPANT  MEDIA  and  IMAGE  NATION  ABU  DHABI   A  BLUEPRINT  PICTURES  Production   A  Film  by  JOHN  MADDEN   THE  SECOND  BEST  EXOTIC  MARIGOLD  HOTEL     Events  in  Dublin,  London,  New  York,  Washington,  D.C.,  and  Brussels   To  Amplify  and  Empower  the   Voice  and  Economic  Vitality  of  the  Over-­‐Fifty  Demographic       New  York,  NY  &  Beverly  Hills,  CA  (February  9,  2015)  —  Participant  Media  and  eProvStudio   /  Senior  Entrepreneurship  Works  today  announced  they  are  collaborating  on  the  upcoming   “eProvStudio’s  Global  Summit  Series  on  Senior  and  Multi-­‐Generational  Entrepreneurship:   2015,”  to  be  held  in  10  international  cities.       At  the  Summit  Series,  which  kicked-­‐off  yesterday  in  Dublin,  Ireland,  attendees  advance   policy  and  legislation  that  supports  access  to  jobs,  capital  for  business  start-­‐ups  and   acquisitions,  and  overall  economic  vitality  of  the  “Experienced  Economy”  (people  50+)   community  instead  of  the  traditional  move  to  retirement.  Leaders  from  government,   banking,  microfinance,  business,  education,  foundations,  non-­‐profits,  and  public  policy   sectors  outline  new  steps  to  catalyze  research,  programs,  and  policies  to  advance  senior   and  Multi-­‐Generational  entrepreneurship  within  the  workplace.       At  each  event,  Participant  Media  will  screen  THE  SECOND  BEST  EXOTIC  MARIGOLD   HOTEL,  releasing  in  the  UK  on  February  27,  2015  and  the  U.S.  on  March  6,  2015,  an   example  of  how  the  young  and  the  “young  at  heart”  can  support  each  other  to  create   dramatic  social  and  economic  change.       Commenting  on  the  announcement,  Elizabeth  Isele,  eProvstudio’s  co-­‐founder  and  president   said,  “The  goal  of  the  series  is  to  encourage  governments  and  the  private  sector  to   recognize  the  economic  significance  of  the  50+  demographic.  More  than  half  of  all  U.S.  small   business  owners  are  over-­‐fifty,  and  people  55-­‐64  have  the  highest  rate  of  entrepreneurial   activity  of  any  age  group.  eProvStudio  and  Senior  Entrepreneurship  Works  are  thrilled  to   team  with  Participant  Media  to  be  some  of  the  first  to  see  THE  SECOND  BEST  EXOTIC   MARIGOLD  HOTEL,  an  entertaining  and  illuminating  example  of  the  pivotal  role  that  the   over-­‐fifty  demographic  can  play  in  our  global  economy.”
  • 2.     Chad  Boettcher,  Participant’s  Executive  Vice  President,  Social  Action  &  Advocacy  added,   “THE  SECOND  BEST  EXOTIC  MARIGOLD  HOTEL  continues  the  conversation  about  issues   faced  by  retirees  and  older  workers,  and  Participant  is  proud  to  be  part  of  a  coalition   raising  awareness  for  the  incredible  value  that  the  ‘Experienced  Economy’  can  bring  to  the   global  economy.”       The  Summit  Series  launched  in  Dublin,  Ireland  on  February  9,  2015  and  continues  to   London  on  February  12,  New  York  on  February  23,  Washington,  D.C.  on  March  3,  and   Brussels  on  March  18,  with  five  additional  dates  and  cities  to  be  announced.         For  more  information  about  “eProvStudio’s  Global  Summit  Series  on  Senior  and  Multi-­‐ Generational  Entrepreneurship:  2015,”  visit       For  more  information  about  THE  SECOND  BEST  EXOTIC  MARIGOLD  HOTEL   visit­‐best-­‐exotic-­‐marigold-­‐hotel.       About  The  Second  Best  Exotic  Marigold  Hotel     Now  that  The  Best  Exotic  Marigold  Hotel  is  full  up  with  its  long-­‐term  residents,  co-­‐ managers  Muriel  Donnelly  (Maggie  Smith)  and  Sonny  Kapoor  (Dev  Patel)  have  a  dream  of   expansion,  and  they’ve  found  just  the  place:  The  Second  Best  Exotic  Marigold  Hotel.  With   plans  underway,  Evelyn  and  Douglas  (Judi  Dench  and  Bill  Nighy)  venture  into  the  Jaipur   workforce,  wondering  where  their  regular  breakfast  dates  will  lead.    Meanwhile,  Norman   and  Carol  (Ronald  Pickup  and  Diana  Hardcastle)  navigate  the  swirling  waters  of  an   exclusive  relationship,  as  Madge  (Celia  Imrie)  juggles  two  very  eligible  suitors,  and  recent   arrival  Guy  Chambers  (Richard  Gere)  finds  a  muse  in  Sonny’s  mother,  Mrs.  Kapoor  (Lillete   Dubey)  for  his  next  novel.  As  his  marriage  to  Sunaina  (Tina  Desai),  the  love  of  his  life,   quickly  approaches,  Sonny  finds  his  plans  for  the  new  hotel  making  more  claims  on  his  time   than  he  has  available.  Perhaps  the  only  one  who  may  know  the  answers  is  Muriel,  the   keeper  of  everyone’s  secrets.  As  the  big  day  nears,  family  and  guests  alike  find  themselves   swept  up  in  the  irresistible  intoxication  of  an  Indian  wedding.     About  Participant  Media   Participant  Media  (  is  a  global  entertainment  company   founded  in  2004  by  Jeff  Skoll  to  focus  on  feature  film,  television,  publishing  and  digital   content  that  inspires  social  change.  Participant's  more  than  60  films  include  Good  Night,   and  Good  Luck,  Syriana,  An  Inconvenient  Truth,  Food,  Inc.,  Waiting  for  ‘Superman’,  The   Help,  Contagion  and  Lincoln.  Participant  launches  campaigns  that  bring  together   government  entities,  foundations,  schools,  and  others  to  raise  awareness  and  drive  people   to  take  action  on  issues  from  each  film  or  television  show.  Pivot  (,   the  company’s  television  network,  is  available  nationally  in  47  million  homes,  with  a   diverse  slate  of  talent  and  a  mix  of  original  series,  acquired  programming,  films  and   documentaries.  TakePart  (  is  Participant’s  digital  news  and   lifestyle  magazine  and  social  action  platform  for  the  conscious  consumer.  Through  its  films,   social  action  campaigns,  digital  network,  and  its  television  network,  Participant  seeks  to   entertain,  encourage  and  empower  every  individual  to  take  action.
  • 3.     About  eProvStudio  and  Senior  Entrepreneurship  Works     eProvStudio  TM  Senior  Entrepreneurship  Works  TM    and  it’s  Co-­‐Founder  and  President   Elizabeth  Isele  are  recognized  globally  as  pioneering  thought  leaders  in  Senior  and  Multi-­‐ Generational  Entrepreneurship,  building  innovative  coalitions  of  individuals,  organizations,   corporations  and  governments  from  all  corners  of  the  globe  working  across  sectors,   creating  systems  to  boost  economic  self-­‐reliance,  vitality  and  growth  for  the  Experienced   Economy  and  Multi-­‐Generational  teams  in  the  workplace  and  in  new  business  start-­‐ups.   eProvStudio  achieves  this  through  consulting  with  governments,  corporations  and   institutions  and    Multi-­‐Generational  workshops  to  help  “decode  one’s  entrepreneurial   history”  and  open  the  door  to  starting  a  business,  empowering  and  re-­‐engaging  with  ones   work  within  a  company  or  exploring  pre-­‐retirement  transition  options.    Senior   Entrepreneurship  WorksTM  –  is  the  policy  and  research  arm  of  eProvStudio    -­‐  aggregating   data  and  driving  advocacy  for  the  Experienced  Economy  (people  50+),  including  the  power   of    Multi-­‐Generational  dynamics  important  for  success.       ###     Press  Contacts:   eProvStudio / Donnetta Campbell / +16465321512 Skype / Participant Media / Jason Allen / 310-550-5100 /

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