A night vision effect has been used on the CD image
which could suggest the audience are in the dark and
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Kings of Leon Advert Analysis

Kings of Leon Advert Analysis
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Kings of Leon Advert Analysis

  • 1. TECHNICAL CODES A night vision effect has been used on the CD image which could suggest the audience are in the dark and don’t know the full true story behind the album or the band. The text used is in capitals in despite the variety of colour, the text stands out from the background. The clash of colours by having black and white and then vibrant colours could indicate the two sides to their personalities and music, as they can be traditional but then deviate from the genre expectations as their tracks can be upbeat and quite unique sound. DESIGN PRINCIPLE The Guttenberg design principle, the advert conforms to the principle as the band’s name ‘Kings of Leon’ is located in the primary optical area which therefor enables the audience to understand what band and album the advert is advertising. The main area if the image is in the centre of the advert and with all the technical information such as track name’s included on the album and where the album is available from. The advert for ‘Kings of Leon’s’ album ‘Only by the Night’ therefor conforms to the Guttenberg design principle. ICONOGRAPHY An outline of an eagle is used which indicates that the band is American. The eagle iconic to America with it being present on the presidential seal in America. Whereas the eagle as an animal connotes ideas of masculinity, freedom, skill, vision and power, all of which are represented within the main image. This is shown as the band has 4 male members. The use of an eagle shows their vision of their music and their careers are focused and power driven. The underscores within the spaces of the text suggests an old computer setup, indicating that the band are return the elements that made the style of their genre (alternative rock) successful and great. A night vision effect is also used on the advert along with target symbols which could suggest that the music is dark and contains hidden means. SETTING The advert includes the CD cover itself as the main image, the image looks as though it was taken professionally in a studio. The rest of the advert is black, with compared to the green featured on the main image. This could represent the theme of the album. DESIGN BALANCE/SYMMETRY The advert balanced due to the text and the image of the CD cover being balanced out as there is a similar amount of text and image featured on the advert. The CD is structured with the cover being spilt into quarters which adds to the balance and symmetry of the overall advert. The structured sections indicate that all members contribute and were important part of the album process. The use of the green is used as a night vision effect on the cover along with the title of the album being written in a similar colour, making it recognisable to the audience. The use of a black background reflects the style of the band’s music, black is also used for the shadows on the member’s faces, and this suggests that the band’s music might be concealing a deeper meaning, ‘shadowing’ the truth as each members face is shaded. CHARACTERS the advert shows different features of all four of the band members faces. The main image which is also the albums front cover, features all members of the band’s face the lead singer is featured in the primary optical area, as he is the main focus and lead man of the band. He directly addresses the camera indicating he is determined and serious about his and the band’s music career. The main image features different aspects of the band member’s faces, there is an outline featured of an eagle’s eyes and beak which suggests their influence within the music industry as well as being a close and strong band and along with them having a strong supporting audience.