Empower Network – Scam or Not?
February 14, 2013
About Empower Network
Empower Network is self-described as a “viral blogg...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Empower Network – Scam or Not? February 14, 2013 About Empower Network Empower Network is self-described as a “viral blogging system”, designed to help those who want to sell products or attract viewers to a blog. The system is designed for those who want to get started blogging, but don't want to put hours of work into set up that might fail if it's not designed properly. Empower Network Viral Blog platform does all the hard work, and leaves you to the easiest part – the actual blogging. “No headaches. No worries. No frustration.” says the company. Others are wondering if this new product is an Empower Network scam. “We pay 100% commissions on our core product line, and we’re proud of that,” explains Dave Wood, co-creator of Empower Network. “Because we started this company to help our teams succeed (without the usual roadblocks)- and to improve the quality of our people’s lives.” The website has a nearly endless list of positive feedback from average, ordinary people who used the viral blogging system to their benefit. Empower Network, however, has such positive results that many claim it might be a scam. Is this new product an <a href="http://andersdakin.com/empower-network- scam-legit-or-not/">empower network scam</a>? Is it real or a scam? After heavy research, one can see that the Empower Network is not a “scam” - it is a platform. For something to be a scam, it would have to not be able to deliver what it promises. And Empower Network delivers! The platform is high-end, leads to increased visitors and commerce on blogs, and all depends on one key factor – your perseverance. Those who claim that cry “Empower Network scam!” are lacking in the crucial qualities it takes to succeed. The Viral Bogging System is designed to help those who can help themselves – people who want to never work will not succeed in life, never mind money making. If you are a driven individual, this program will work for you. Empower Network can make all the challenging aspects of blogging and money making easier – in no way is it a scam. It really does work, as long as you insert time and effort. Those who say Empower Network is a scam don't know what they're missing! “You can literally be set-up and blogging within the next 3 minutes,” says Dave. “So the only question is... are you going to spend a year doing a bunch of grunt work and spend a fortune in the process? Or Are you going to do what over 73,000 SMART marketers do and let us do the hard part for you?” To learn more about Empower Network and the viral Blogging System, visit their website at http://lightningmarketingmaster.com/empower Contact To learn more about Empower Network, please contact Anders Dakin Business Entrepreneur Rødmoldsbakken, Norway
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