✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@4:17
Elizabeth Cartier@4:17
Hello Andrea
How can I help you
✅★Andrea Elaine...
✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@4:29
Hi Veronic Seyl! Houston Do You Read Me :)
Do we have any opportunities with ...
✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@3:03
What do you think I would qualify for? I am interested in being an ambassador...
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NASA Transcripts Virtual Career Day

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
Source: www.slideshare.net

Transcripts - NASA Transcripts Virtual Career Day

  • 1. ✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@4:17 Hello! Elizabeth Cartier@4:17 Hello Andrea How can I help you ✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@4:18 What opportunities are at Ames and what is a CubeSat? Elizabeth Cartier? Thank you so much for your time. Are you guys making nanotech satillites! Elizabeth Cartier@4:19 Ames has a great history with CubeSats has internship in your areas of interest watch the YouTube: We Are Ames! It is linked in on the home page of Ames booth. ✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@4:20 What do you think I would qualify for? Can you send the internship link again? My son s schoolcalled in the middle of the last representative Elizabeth Cartier@4:20 Ames has internship in your areas of interest watch the YouTube: We Are Ames! It is linked in on the home page of Ames booth. The most updated information for available internships is at NASA Ames! https://intern.nasa.gov/ossi/web/public/main/index.cfm?solarAction=view&subAction=content&contentCode= HOME_PAGE_INTERNSHIPS under Search Opportunities. Summer internship applications are accepted: 11/10/2015 - 03/01/2016. Summer internships are 10 weeks in length and Spring and Fall internships are 16 weeks long. When you are working on your OSSI application highlight all your technical skills. Explain what inspires you to work at NASA. Personal mission statement is important. Writing competency and the skill to express yourself clearly is also important. ✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@4:20 I will definitely share the video with my audience and watch it as well So I am in OSSI and it says that there are no opportunities and I am not sure why. Does Ames do any of the Aerospace Scholars or Ambassador activities? I am watching about CubeSat now on NASA TV Elizabeth Cartier@4:22 Did try year round opportunities Yes we have those programs at Ames ✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@4:22 Yes I did. I listed multiple universities on there because I am also teaching and writing and traveling and it sent me to a screen with an ID that asked me to register for NASA NRO is located with Ames? So what would qualify to come there year round and do a tour to bring people or report live or work? Just go through OSSI? Elizabeth Cartier@4:24 No I don't thinnk NRO is hear ✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@4:24 National Reconnosince it said is was launching the CubeSat Well thank you for your time and I will check out the link again, watch and share the video spaceprincess.org Elizabeth Cartier@4:24 The Summer internships at Ames starts June 6th-August 12th. The undergrad intern’s stipend is $600/week and graduates receive $750/week. Interns pay for their own transportation and lodging. The Ames Researcher Center has a lodge that an interns can rent a room from at the rate of $39 single/you can have a roommate and each share the cost. You are responsible for identifying your roommate from the pool of interns. Intern are expected to work 40 hours a week/400 hours for the summer duration. The usual work hours are 8-5, with one hour for lunch. For information about intern’s daily life, visit http://new2nasa.wikispaces.com/ ✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@4:25
  • 2. ✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@4:29 Hi Veronic Seyl! Houston Do You Read Me :) Do we have any opportunities with OSSI for internships or IHA Aerospace Medicine and teaching outreach through Johnson Space Center for ambassador in space or anything else? My son is about to be 13 and I want to do something really special for him and his schoolon a tour of Johnson & I am taking kids down there and to Ad Astra Veronica Seyl@4:31 Each semester has different demands. You would have to look at the opportunities in OSSI. intern.nasa.gov ✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@4:32 Yes I am registered through there it took me to a screen to do a NASA employee ID Veronica Seyl@4:32 Our office doesn't handle tours. They mostly go through our visitor's center - Space Center Houston ✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@4:32 Building 11 is that one? Veronica Seyl@4:32 That is a cafeteria. ✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@4:33 Do you have anything outside of NCAS I already have a certificate for that one. Are there anything that would qualify me at a regular state university or private? Well astronauts got to eat! Do I just contact the technicalsupport for OSSI if it says nothing available? Veronica Seyl@4:33 There are various programs at nasa.gov ✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@4:34 I was told an IHA contractor through Johnson is who I should speak with for a degree in Aerospace Medicine Is that on site at Johnson? Or if I am helping build hospitals can it be done remotely? So I should just go through the USAJobs for applying at Johnson or any? Veronica Seyl@4:35 USAjobs and intern.nasa.gov ✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@4:36 I will contact the space center for the tours as well. Where can I get more educational materials to hand out at the schools? I gave most of everything for Orion and GPS out for Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day Veronica Seyl@4:36 There is an education resource center at Space Center Houston. Elaine Lapka ✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@4:36 Does your office do that for what we are building with SpaceX near Corpus Christi? The city council women wanted to know if we needed sponsors Veronica Seyl@4:37 Commercial crew program ✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@2:59 Hello! I was trying to type in a message but I don't think I finished it to post before you came on the chat! Grace Johnson@3:00 Hello Andrea, how can I help you? ✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@3:01 Tell me about coming to Florida. How do you like teaching out there? Grace Johnson@3:02 I am not a teacher, but rather coordinator in the education office here at KSC. I administer NASA internships, fellowships, and scholarships. Do you have any questions pertaining to student opportunities or careers?
  • 3. ✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@3:03 What do you think I would qualify for? I am interested in being an ambassador or going anywhere I am needed for NASA. Yes what student opportunities or careers do you think I might be a good fit for. Do you have any educational materials for us to use in the classrooms coming out there and returning? I am worried there will be another government shutdown.... Grace Johnson@3:05 I see that you are pursuing a degree in neuroscience. It would help if you had a resume uploaded. The only field you could possibly fit in with at NASA is Aerospace Medicine. I encourage you to look it up on the internet. We have medical doctors who do research to develop medical devices and technologies that benefit the health of astronauts. ✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@3:06 Yes I am writing a book called Femicine, about Feminine medicine and it is going over the history of Women as Astronauts, and Neurosurgeon, but Aerospace Medicine interests me as well, I only know of Rice by Houston that does Space Medicine Grace Johnson@3:07 For classroom materials, please visit the "For Educators" section on the NASA Education website. You can access NASA Education directly from www.nasa.gov ✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@3:07 I am wanting to pursue an MD PhD after I get my Neuroscience degree, my first degree is in commercialreal estate so I have helped someone with public officials get to know who SpaceX is here in Texas So y'all have Aerospace medicine positions in Florida at Kennedy to pursue? I don't know what all I should disclose on my resume if they came with confidentiality contracts for work Grace Johnson@3:08 We have a small group of involved in Aerospace Medicine. You should check out the contractor that supports that group. It is IHA. Most of the work in this field is at Johnson. ✅★Andrea Elaine★ AE✅✅★Pearson-Haas★ PH✅@3:09 Thank you for your time. Have a great day :) ----------- Raiida Thompson@3:47 Hello? It looks like you are in a different booth as I don't see any activity going on here. If you are interested in our internship program, please visit https://intern.nasa.gov/ossi/web/public/guest/searchOpps/ Hi! Qs? You may apply at http://intern.nasa.gov for up to 15 opportunities (check out all that interest you in just about any field of study). Qualifications are a 3.0 GPA, US Citizen and 16+ years of age. Anybody home!? 2 minutes without chatting...signing off!

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