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National nursing internship program Part 2

This is the 2nd part of the national nursing internship program I proposed to DNMA (Directorate of Nursing and Midwifery Affairs)
Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - National nursing internship program Part 2

  • 1. Third Month Fourth Month Fifth Month Sixth Month up to Week 26 Weeks 9-12 Weeks 13-16 Weeks 17-20 Weeks 21- 24 Week 26I. Handles 2-3 patients in low I. Handles 2-3 patients in I. Assists in high dependency care and I. Handles low-moderate Final Evaluation dependency (minor cases only) moderate dependency special nursing procedures like: dependency cases with and do basic procedures with a. Do routine care in the ward (a-f) a. Suctioning. minimal supervision At the end of week 26, assistance of clinical facilitator b. Assist in complex drug b. NGT feeding. (maximum of 5 patients) the following items will a. Vital signs (independently) preparations. c. Urinary catheterization. be enclosed in the b. Total bedside care. c. Learn more about drug d. Tracheostomy care. II. Allow more portfolio: c. Oral drug preparation and calculations (eg. Compute for e. ECG opportunities to do nursing administration. morphine infusion, calcium f. Gastric wash procedures with speed and 1. Evidence of d. Kardexing gluconate) accuracy. Attending one week e. Makingof process sheets, II. Incorporate a more throrough hospital induction. nursing care plan. II. Participate in Basic Life Support physical assessment in kardexing as III. Performs completely 2. Final Summative f. Endorsement of patients to (BLS) course. well as being able to correlate the the following Assessment. another staff. result of investigations to the patient’s a. Vital signs monitoring 3. Four LC. III. Add up details in the portfolio condition. and accurate recording. 4. Three (3) reflectiveII. Add up details in the portfolio a. Continue filling-up the b. Medication pieces. a. Start filling-up the local local competency III. Application of principles in administration in all 5. Local competency competency checklist. checklist. prioritizing needs of patients in critical routes. checklist. nd rd b. Making of 2 LC. b. Making of 3 LC. care. c. Kardex with essential 6. IV Therapy and BLS rd rd c. Make 3 reflective diary. c. Make the 3 reflective informations about patient Certificate diary. IV. Coordinates referral to other and procedures. departments for patient care (eg. d. Effective nurse and Ortho, ENT, Physiotherapy dept.) patient communication. e. Delegate tasks to IV. Perform bedside teaching involving another intern/staff. patient and family. IV. Compilation of all data V. Add up details in portfolio enclosed in the portfolio. a. Continue filling-up the local competency checklist. th b. Making of 4 LC. c. Start making a self-summative assessment.

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