National nursing internship program pathway
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National nursing internship program pathway

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - National nursing internship program pathway

  • 1. NATIONAL NURSING INTERNSHIP PROGRAM PATHWAY First Month Second Month Week 1 Weeks 2-4 Weeks 5-8I. General Orientation to I. Discuss with the intern regarding the learning contract I. Participates in ward routine Internship Programme a. Provide total bedside care with nurse- 1. Introduction of clinical II. Assessment of readiness to be exposed in the wards. patient interaction. facilitator to the intern and 1. Tour and allow observation in the hospital major b. Enhance skills in therapeutic vice versa. wards like Medical and Surgical Ward, Maternity, A & communication. 2. Discussion of expectations of E and Pediatrics. c. Observe how medications are prepared, the facilitator to the intern administered and stored. and vice-versa. III. Posting to area of assignment. d. Enhance skill in drug calculation. 3. Establishment of a learning 1. Allows observation and participation to ward routine like: contract. a. Bed Making II. IV Therapy Course 4. Set the roles and b. Organizing things in the ward responsibilities of the intern. c. Vital signs monitoring III. Start adding up details in the portfolio st 5. Introduction to the technical d. Nurse-patient interaction a. Making of 1 LC requirements of the e. Admission and discharge b. Starts writing a reflective piece on her program (paper works) f. Types of form used for laboratory and experience including its format, pharmaceutical requests. c. Make 1st reflective diary resources that can be used 2. Review the: and citation, as well as the a. Existing code of conduct ethical principles that needs b. Hospital policies governing nursing, to be observed when making which are likely to be encountered the requirement. frequently like, infection control, calling 6. Provide allocation with a CODE, keeping DDA record and regards to ward rotation. hospital transfer (escort). 7. Emphasize on administrative c. Competencies that will be evaluated issues like completion of during the internship period. requirements and adherence 3. Orientation to existing computerized documentation to schedule given. system (Al-Shifa System): 8. Discuss other things which a. How to write the kardex for old and new are needed to be clarified. patients. b. Noting ward and bed transfers.II. General Hospital Orientation c. Creating a process sheet. Programme d. Making a nursing care plan.1. Introduction to key persons in the e. Encoding of vital signs and hospital. anthropometry2. Courtesy call to the head of nursing. f. Use of monitoring charts like pain3. Tour around the hospital premises. assessment, intake and output, diabetic4. Meet the in-charges of each ward and chart and ventilation record. with the unit heads. g. How to write an electronic incident report. h. Signing and verification of medications administered. i. Creating a work order.

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