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Popular eye make ups with coloured contact lenses

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Popular eye make ups with coloured contact lenses

  • 1. Popular Eye make ups with Coloured Contact Lenses Coming across so many cosmetic commercials I always used to wonder do really people use all this or this many. Besides fashion models and actors are these really made for others? This question always used to boggle my mind. The fact is may be not everything is for you but there are actually some portions you can use every day and on many occasions. Eye makeup is one of them. Enhancing your eyes with little make up gets you look and glamour both.To my surprise I found so many types of eye make ups that made more interesting to know about it. So for all you folks whoalways wanted a new look at times or beautifully enhanced eyes here are some famous types of eye make ups you can carryas per your requirement.For all the types below two things that play very prominent role to give different look are eye shadows and coloured contactlenses. Lenses can be used as per your preference or occasion you are wearing for.  Simple or regular style: For natural looking pretty eyes this uses minimum of makeup. Skin tone and Mud shades, neutral colors and earthy colors are mostly used in here.  Fashion or musical style: Also known as EMO make up. Dark eye make up with thick coats of liner and mascara is used here. Eye Shades to be used has to give sensitive and shy look.  Retro style: Dark eye shadow of pink shades with broad mascara liner is tip here. The liner extends beyond the tip of your eye. Gives cool retro look for special occasions.  Goth style: Dark grey, blackish, dark brownish shades with tint of silver to give cold sunken look to eyes. Eyeliners are broad and extend beyond the tip.  Fantasy style: This involves many styles  Smoky look-Dark grey and green are best shades here for smoky eyes. Eye sticks and liners are very important here.  Dramatic look -Latest glow contact lenses are very popular. If you happen to like the x- men series or twilight saga then these lenses are readily available in market to get you the theme for next party.  Cat eyes look- Dark shades of blue, green, gold and grey are quite prominent here. Wearing proper contact lens add the final touch.So see it’s really not bad wearing one after the other occasionally or try them at least. But yes it’s good to have a suggestionabout your face shape and shape of eyes before applying any of it. For more information visit-

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