For Immediate ReleaseMagnetic Youth Talk Show Tour Motivates Students to Speak UpWilmington, Delaware -- June 12, 2013 ~~ ...
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Press Release for "ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?"

Life Coaching for Teens: A Talk Show Presentation for youth between the ages of 8-22 to debate and create solutions to the frustrations of their daily lives.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Press Release for "ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?"

  • 1. For Immediate ReleaseMagnetic Youth Talk Show Tour Motivates Students to Speak UpWilmington, Delaware -- June 12, 2013 ~~ Antoinette Capri -aka- Ms. Nikki of CapriiCommunications has created a new Talk Show Tour Campaign for the 2013-2014 School Yearcalled "Are You Listening Me?" The presentations are custom designed {in talk show format}to help students discuss their daily problems that hold them back from becoming successfulleaders..Ms Capri was featured on ABC News last year for her resilience/self-esteem program called"I Matter" and now shes back with another dose of motivation, encouragement andenlightenment for all school aged students, ages 8-22.As a resilience life coach, a former certified nurse for the State of Delaware & a mother of two(one in elementary and one in high school), Ms. Capri will utilize all of her experiences in life,parenting and corporate relations to boldly coach these multi-cultural, multi-blended students intoa successful future.“Excellent Customer Service is rapidly becoming a lost art, the teen entitlement attitude is gettingway out of hand and finding employees, with competent social skills to entrust with yourbusiness, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. My goal is simple. Let’s help our childrenfeel secure and trusting again, build back their confidence, nurture their self-development whilebridging the gap between the generations to get dignity and respect back into their hearts andminds. Just by listening, we show we care. So, let’s confront the issues head on. Let’s stop thehatred, stop the bombings, stop the suicide, stop bullying and stop the fear. Lets listen to whatthey have to say and give them real solutions to their real life problems. And if we dont know theanswers, we can find them!" states Ms. Capri.These 60-90 minute open discussion events are conducted in an interactive talk show style withthe youth audience asking Ms.Capri any questions on relationships, leadership or resilience/selfimprovement of the day, while coaching them to arrive at their own in depth answers. There willbe giveaways, surprises, special guests and more. Its like...a mini Oprah show for students.These events are test pilots to turn this project into a live TV talk show.Capri states, “Our youth need us! They have been waiting to be heard by caring adults that arewilling to listen to them for years. Let’s help them make it through these painful times. Im willingto listen, Are you?”For interviews/ bookings /investors, please contact: Maria R. Office: 302.792.7331 /Direct: 302.494.7704 E-mail: Website:

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