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appario Press Release

Press Release (appario started to operate in 2011!)
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - appario Press Release

  • 1. INVESTOR NEWSLETTER SPRING 2012 Inves tor News l etter appario Announces Launch of Sales and Advisory Training Services in Singapore Today’s lean economic environment makes it necessary for financial firms to operate at the highest level of efficiency. appario sales and advisory training services has been launched to give salespeople and teams experience-based techniques, tailored for the Singapore and APAC markets, to quickly boost, sustain, and extend performance. Training is available in both English & German languages. Singapore, March 26, 2012 Appario Pte Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of its sales and advisory training NEW BUSINESS program in Singapore. Tailored for the financial industry, and useful for both teams and individuals, appario’s training is centered around the Strategic Advising Module (SAM). The SAM approach uses in-depth analysis of clients’ needs and implements a customized plan to improve and sustain higher performance. Available in both English and German COMPANY languages, appario looks to bring extensive industry knowledge and experience to bear in appario Pte Ltd - corporate the increasingly competitive financial sales, wealth management, insurance, and financial trainers with strong focus on advisory industries. Appario director, founder and head trainer, Lars Culmann, relies heavily on his sales & advisory training 20+ years of experience in client-facing advisory, sales, and wealth management roles at some of the world’s top financial institutions. “Sales and advisory training is really all about understanding common goals and putting the client first.” he says. “Once a sales team understands that their goals need to be in-line with, and never opposed to their OWNER / FOUNDER clients’ needs, the training takes a natural path to success.” Lars Culmann - MBA (Dipl.-Kfm, Already having worked extensively in sales and advising in both the United Germany) States and Europe, Culmann made the move to Singapore in 2007 as Head of Private Banking with HSH Nordbank, establishing their private banking office and gaining valuable local knowledge in the process. Since then, he has been based in Singapore, working with BNP Paribas as Vice President, specializing in wealth management. The LOCATION move from practicing to training others was a logical next step, “The beauty of the SAM Singapore training module is that it flows naturally from a good, intuitive sales approach. Many times a team’s weak points stem not from a lack of talent, but from a poor understanding of motivation and the reward process. With the SAM approach, we bring these in-line, while giving teams concrete techniques that will immediately improve their performance.” PHILOSOPHY Added to this sales-oriented training is the second half of appario’s two-tiered “We believe in strong customer approach; the coaching element. Appario’s coaching is provided by Gunnar Jaschik, a focus in combination with a career and life coach with over 20 years of financial experience himself, most recently as structured step-by-step vice president of Human Resources at Deutsche Bank, Singapore. Jaschik has a proactive take on the value of coaching “The top people in any field utilize coaches” he says. “To be approach” at the top of your game means being open to dialogue; to better understand yourself. At appario, we look at coaching as a way to open this dialogue, creating more motivated and mature individuals, which, in turn, results in a more satisfied and successful team.” Appario was created following the global credit crisis, and the need for highly efficient, motivated and successful sales teams is only more apparent in today’s tight economic environment. The March 2012 announcement of an initiative by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to rethink the financial advisory industry is a perfect example of the need for appario’s level of expertise and training. With the Financial Advisory Industry Review (FAIR), MAS will rethink the coverage, protection, qualifications and compensation of all individuals involved in advising clients on financial issues. The regulatory changes resulting from the FAIR initiative will further stress the need for proper training and an ongoing review of effective sales techniques in the dynamic advisory industry. Having worked with MAS in the past, appario director, Lars Culmann, is uniquely suited to serve those firms who look to maximize their potential business opportunities following the MAS’ review. Appario brings superior experience, technique and local knowledge together to effect a tangible change in its clients, specifically integrated for the business needs of Singapore and APAC firms. Appario’s services are available both in Singapore and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.HTTP://NEWS.SCOOPASIA.COM/INDEX.PHP/NEWS/APPARIO_ANNOUNCES_LAUNCH_OF_SALES_AND_ADVISORY_TRAINING_SERVICES_IN_SINGAPORE

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