Arianna Normany
 How manyof youguysplanon gettingan internshipsoon?How manyof youknow or have an
ideaof wher...
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POQ outline

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - POQ outline

  • 1. Arianna Normany INTRODUCTION  How manyof youguysplanon gettingan internshipsoon?How manyof youknow or have an ideaof where youwantdo your internat?No one?That’sfine,youguysstill have time tofigure it out.  My name isArianna. I’mfromSan Diego,CA.I am a freshmenandjuststartedcollege this spring.Onmy free time,Ilike toplaysoftball andhangout withfriends.Some of youguys probablydon’tagree withme butmath ismy favorite subject!  The purpose formypresentationistopresentmyskillsandqualificationstoshow the person who’sinterviewingme forThe BusinessAdministrationInternshippositionatCenterForAsian AmericanMedia.  I will dothisby introducingclaimsonhow Iam the bestcandidate forthisinternshipposition. For example,beingafull time studentandworkingparttime hasreallymotivatedme tobecome a more successful person. Withthatbeingsaid,beingamotivatedpersonwill benefitme forthis positonbecause CenterForAsianAmericanMediadoesnotwantsomeone whoisnotahard worker. BODY  I am the bestcandidate forthisinternshipbecause Ihave customerservice skillsfromworking withpeople onadailybasis.Iam constantlygreetingcustomers,answeringphone callsand enteringdataintoour system.  These dutiesare verysimilartothe dutiesthatI will have todoat the internship.Another reasonwhyI’m the bestcandidate forthisinternshipisbecauseImanage mytime wisely.Being a full time studentandhavingapart time job has ledme to manage time forschoolworkandmy jobin general.Forexample,Iuse myplannertoremindme of whenassignmentsare due.Iuse the calendarpart to jot downmyhours of whenI have to work.  But as we all know,school isalwaysmore importantthana job.Anyway,time managementis importantforthisinternshipbecause itrequiresme toprepare projectsbefore the due dates. CONCLUSION  As I saidbefore,Iam the bestcandidate forCenterForAsianAmericanMediaBusiness AdministrationInternshipPositionbecauseIamverymotivatedandwell organized.Ihave customerservice experience from mycurrentand/orpreviousjobs. Ialsohave time managementskills.  How manyof youknowpeople whochoose tonotgo to school or who doesnothave a job and don’tplanon applyingforsome?Same here,Iknow quite afew.Forhow motivatedIam towardssuccess,I couldnotimagine sittinghome all daynothavingnothingtodo.That’s just boring,soall in all I am the bestcandidate forthisinternshipbecauseIkeepmyselfbusyandI finishwhatIstart.  Thank youfor yourtime!

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