Natural Aphrodisiacs - The World of Aphrodite and Its ImmortalityThe world of Greece was not always a kind one t...
An aphrodisiac is a substance which increase sexual desire, though they work in many differentways to affect sexual desire...
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Natural aphrodisiacs the world of aphrodite Natural Aphrodisiacs - The World of Aphrodite
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Natural Aphrodisiacs - The World of Aphrodite and Its ImmortalityThe world of Greece was not always a kind one to Aphrodite, as the Roman world was notalways kind to Venus. Goddess of the Greek and Roman mythology are associated with love,beauty, lust and reproduction. Aphrodite rose from sea fully grown, and while she is associatedwith love, she had little for her fellow gods or humans. She was married to Hephaestus, the godof fire and smiting, and she was eternally unfaithful to him. All of this does not paint a beautifulpicture of a vain, uncaring and faithless woman of great beauty. While love was her first realmof power, she showed little. Thus, in the literature she is more associated with lust and love andbeauty or reproduction.Lending her name to the word aphrodisiacs comes directly in line with this propensity andassociation. Natural aphrodisiacs have long been for the creation of lust with little concern forlove and beauty. Literature has attempted to change this and the marketing world of thetwentieth century forced a different view on the buying public.As her priestesses were forced into ongoing prostitution with little hope beyond the temple life,and the use of natural aphrodisiacs seems to have arisen from this role. For centuries naturalaphrodisiacs have been touted for their effectiveness and include ginkgo biloba, ginseng,damiana, artichokes, strawberries, oysters, rhinoceros horn, tiger penis and chocolate. Whilethe rhinoceros horn and tiger penis are illegal to obtain, the remainder of the aphrodisiacs areeasily accessible in the modern world.Different Natural Aphrodisiacs And Their Effects
  • 2. An aphrodisiac is a substance which increase sexual desire, though they work in many differentways to affect sexual desire and sexual performance. Ginkgo biloba is a considered a naturalaphrodisiac and comes from the seeds of the "female" gingko trees. They are widely used innatural remedies or several kinds and are generally available at most health food stores. Thereasons for this is increased blood flow. The leaves are widely used in memory andconcentrationGinseng is also considered a natural aphrodisiac and comes from ginseng root and affects thecentral nervous system and gonadal tissues. Thereby, they work differently than ginkgo andseveral others on the list. This is widely found in health food stores.Damiana is a shrub and the leaves are made into a tea that is used as a natural aphrodisiac .This plant works on widening the blood vessels, and it is easily found in any health food store. Itcan be produced in several variations for inclusion into food and drink.Artichokes are considered a natural aphrodisiac, though have no properties which affect thehuman body other than to reduce hunger. The eating of the artichoke is considered sensual forthe process. They received their reputation more from their association with Catherine deMedici, who was considered a very sensual woman. These can be found in any grocery store.Strawberries are another food considered to be a natural aphrodisiac though like th artichokesimple for how they look, taste and smell. They have no medical change to the body toheighten sexual function or sexual arousal. These also can be found in any grocery store,though the ones picked during the regular growing season have a more full-bodied taste andscent.Oysters are also listed in the natural aphrodisiac list, though this time with reason. They containa high level of zinc which is required in the production of testosterone. Testosterone has beenused to increase sexual desire and function in both men and women. Oysters are a shellfish thatis much more commonly available on the coasts, but can be found in most grocery stores.Since we are ignoring the illegal substances, we are left with chocolate, which is also considereda natural aphrodisiac. It has an effect on the human body, by increasing the serotonin levels inthe brain thereby produced a happy feeling. Chocolate is widely available to almost any store.Natural aphrodisiacs go back through the history of the written word and passed fromgeneration to generation of the spoken word. What is true that all the of natural aphrodisiacslisted here have differing effects on the human body and may not work for everyone. However,its always fun trying.

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