New Grooming Salon Is Opening Soon At Green Springs Animal Hospital
BRAINTREE, Mass. – (November 15, 2014) – The Green Spr...
worked with animals that have been filmed in movies such as Air Buddies and Beethoven. They
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. New Grooming Salon Is Opening Soon At Green Springs Animal Hospital BRAINTREE, Mass. – (November 15, 2014) – The Green Springs Animal Hospital has officially announced the grand opening to a grooming salon wing in their hospital, located downtown at 165 South Winchester Drive. Head veterinarian Dr. Denton leads the hospital’s trained staff of professionals with over 20 years of experience in animal care. His work along the nation’s most prestigious animal clinics on the west coast has coined the nickname “Celebrity Doc”. He’s worked at several prestigious animal clinics and now looks to boost his already 5-Star vet service with professional groomers. The list of professional grooming services includes the following standard services: Bathing: A hypoallergenic shampooing or wash using a conditioner of choice with blow dry, brush out, ear cleaning, nails trimmed, pads shaved and sanitary trim, bow or bandana, with cologne or perfume. Grooming: Light trim which includes face, feet, sanitary, belly, feathers, ear and tail; or a complete groom with a full cut of choice; both grooming packages include a bathing Oral hygiene services: A treatment of PlaqClnz which includes the full three step process utilizing PlaqClnz Spray, Oral Irrigator, and Gel. Additional services to be offered by Green Springs Animal Hospital include specialty grooming shampoos of oatmeal, de-greaser, deodorize, medicated, and brightening formulas; and specialty conditioners of remoistening and Oatmeal Cream Rinse. Clients will be able to ask for flea treatments, nail grinding and nail polish, as well as a Soft-Claws application in addition to the standard services. Dr. Denton is proud to announce that along with this list of specialty grooming services, Green Springs Animal Hospital will be offering temporary color treatments, tattoos, hair feathers and jewels for clients interested in the arrival of the clinic’s Pet Photos Spa Package. Many clients from the local animal hospital in Braintree, MA are excited about the opening. Angela, a young college student, commented that, “They took care of my dog last year. My dog wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them and I can’t wait for that salon to open because I’ll be taking my dog there every month as a special treat!” Angela’s not the only repeat client that is excited about the new addition to the clinic. Daniel, a local teacher, owns two dogs and routinely used the hospital for their standard checkups and services. He has stated that he’s looking forward to treating his dogs, a Great Dane and a Golden Retriever, to special grooming at least once a month as well. The hospital’s opening list of pet groomers has the city talking. Opening day has scheduled visits from celebrity dog and feline groomers such as Kaylie and Brent Wood. Dr. Denton has also announced that there will be door prizes and giveaways all day, as well as free light grooming and volunteer professional photos for those interested in a Pet Photos Spa Package. The new grooming wing is opening with a full line of with more than five years of professional experience. Several of those coming on board with the hospital have also had celebrity clients. They’ve
  • 2. worked with animals that have been filmed in movies such as Air Buddies and Beethoven. They understand the traditional look for pets and even know how to add a personal flare to suit each pet owner’s personal needs. Dr. Benton added that it’s these types of add-ons to their original services that will set them apart from their competition. “I foresee the other hospitals in town taking after us shortly. They’ll have to find a great way to compete with us though, because many of our clients are loyal and return to us again and again.” Green Springs Animal Hospital has done its best to assure its clients that their pets will receive the best level of care no matter the time or day. Now they can add to that list grooming expectations as well. The grand opening is scheduled for December 13th 2014. The doors will open promptly at 8:30am and the first 50 to arrive will receive free T-shirts. Any questions or comments should be directed to Dila. She can be reached at (588) 230-0139

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