Prevent Your Car From Getting Too HotSummer is here again and nothing is better than cruising around the city while enjoyi...
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Prevent Your Car From Getting Hot

Find out how to prevent your car from getting too hot during the summer. Keep your car cool by using a windshield shader.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Prevent Your Car From Getting Too HotSummer is here again and nothing is better than cruising around the city while enjoying the warm raysof the sun. However, with the warm weather comes the pesky issue of keeping your car nice and cool.There’s nothing like getting scorched legs and buns and the feeling like your being cooked alive whenyou step into a car that’s been sitting in the sun for a long time. Here are a few tips to help you keepcool during the summer. Alpharetta Honda Dealer has lots of vehicles in stock.As a general rule, white cars keep cooler better than dark colored cars. If you reside in sunny area likeSouthern California or Florida you might want to consider purchasing a white car the next time you buya car. Darker colors absorb heat while lighter colors deflect them. Common sense dictates that youshould always park in the shade whenever possible. Always use a windshield shade whenever you parkyour car. Make sure to use one for the front and the back window. The shield works to prevent the sun’srays from entering your vehicle. Ed Voyles offers Honda Cars Atlanta.If your car has remote start you can start it ahead of time. If you left the AC on the last time you weredriving it will automatically start once you use the remote start. Letting the air conditioning run for a fewminutes before you step inside can make a huge difference. The easiest way to cool down your car onceyou get behind the wheel is to turn on the air conditioning system. Luckily most modern vehicles areequipped with an AC system. The AC system utilizes condensation and evaporation and thencompression and expansion in order to cool the air.Another tip is to leave the window a teensy bit down when parking your car. It’s probably not the bestidea to leave your windows half way down but just a tiny crack will help to circulate air and keeptemperatures a bit more bearable. It’s important to stay hydrated when it’s hot outside and nothingcools the body faster than an ice cold drink. Use an ice cooler backpack in order to keep water nicelychilled even when your car get scorching hot and reaches blistering temperatures. Soft Coolers help tokeep drinks nicely chilled.Remember to never leave kids and pets inside the car. This may seem like common sense but every yearwe hear of a new case of a baby or pet that died in the parking lot. The temperature inside a vehicle caneasily reach over 100F which can be fatal for small babies.