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Backpack Camera Case (BK-1)x Breathable mesh back and lumbar supportx Divider kit internal set up allows you to ...
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Portabrace backpack camera cases

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Backpack Camera Cases Hiker Backpack (HK) x Rigid-frame design x Padded straps fold away to use as carrying case x Padded viewfinder guard x Complete camera carrying system for custom camera protection x Soft suede handle for carrying horizontally Brand Model HKSony PDW-F350 HK-2Sony PDW-700, 800 HK-1Sony HDR-F900 HK-1Sony PMW-350 HK-1Sony PMW-500 HK-1Panasonic AG-HPX500 HK-1Panasonic AG-HPX300 HK-1Panasonic AJ-HPX2000 HK-1JVC D-5000U, 5100U HK-1Hiker Pro Backpack (HKP)x Expandable tripod pouchx Rear-loaded hide-away laptop pocket for optimal weight distributionx New tech-mesh harness system for ultra-comfortx Harness belt hide-away pocket for extra gear storage when in backpack carry mode Brand Model HKPSony PDW-EX3 HKP-3L New Advanced Custom Protective Interiors Rigid, padded dividersSony DSR-PD170 HKP-3L Adjustable padded foam blocksPanasonic AG-HVX200 HKP-2, 3LPanasonic AG-HMC150 HKP-3LJVC GY-HD100U HKP-3LJVC GY-HM700 HKP-3LCanon XL-1 HKP-3LCanon XL-H1 HKP-3L Bendable, padded dividers Camera Tie-Down
  • 2. Backpack Camera Case (BK-1)x Breathable mesh back and lumbar supportx Divider kit internal set up allows you to adjust easily and oftenx Extra foam padded, non-slip strapsx Padded laptop pocket All-New Straps with Extra padding Also great for DSLR cameras! Tripod sleeve Bendable Padded laptop Breathable divider-kit with cinch Air-Mesh pocketModular Backpack (BK-2, BK-3)x Modular design allows you Removable Belt- Front 2-Pocket Module: to create custom pack Module: Attaches to Zippers to backpack base.x Rigid-frame design for backpack base, can be Perfect for storing Rain removed and attached to main compartment Slicker and accessories. cameraman’s belt. Idealx Divider kit interior for main Laptop Pocket Module for SLR camera, also available compartment (pictured below) batteries, lenses.x Padded laptop pocket module (up to 17” laptop) Tripod-Quiverx Belt-Module perfect for Module: attaches batteries or SLR camera to the Local andx Tripod Quiver module Extreme Modular carries tripod Backpacks through the use of four secure straps Which Model Is Right for Me? All backpacks are available in the following color choices: Signature Midnight Blue BlackExtreme Modular Backpack: Local Modular Backpack: Custom Custom CustomIdeal for carrying heavy loads Ideal for carrying compact HD Charge Charge over long-hauls. Has thick setups for local use. Charge foam, heavy duty straps & Foam=padded, load-bearing waist belt shoulder straps. Advantage® Mossy Oak® Camo Camo

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