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Portabrace stormcoat extreme

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Storm Coat Extreme STC-2EX shown with optional HB-40SS SuperStrap™ The Storm Coat Extreme (STC) is designed for extreme weather conditions and harsh environments such as windy beaches or deserts. The back end fully encloses various wireless microphone and battery combinations. The use of waterproof zippers, special folds and neoprene seals around openings and camera lens keep out harsh rain, splashes and severe winds. Multiple zipper slides position the camera on or off the tripod with superb closure. An extra pad for shoulder comfort is built-in. The fabric is a robust lamination of two types of waterproofing and two types of fabric with extra material covering important access points . Brand Model STC Sony PMW-350 STC-2EX Sony PMW-500 STC-2EX Sony PDW-700, 800 STC-2EX Sony PDW-F350 STC-2EX Clear vinyl to view controls Sony DSR-250 STC-3EX Sony DSR-450 STC-2EX Sony HDW-F900 STC-2EX Panasonic AG-HPX500 STC-2EX Panasonic AG-HPX300 STC-2EX Panasonic AJ-SPX900 STC-2EX “Shark skin” neoprene gasket Panasonic AJ-HPX2000 STC-2EX Comfortable SuperStrap™ (Optional) Neoprene covered Padded light-post shoulder pad AquaGuard® zippers

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