Kenya Engineer Magazine Earns Praise for
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Press Release Written by Ayanna

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Kenya Engineer Magazine Earns Praise for Journalism Excellence Details Published. 17 April 2014 Written by Super User Q 3+1 0 yum: 0 Share 0 Nairobi. Kenya 17 April 2014 Intercontinental Publishers Ltd. . publisher of Kenya Engineer Magazine. proudly announces that the Ministry of 2; till. Energy Joumalism Excellence Awards(EJEA). These outstanding writers are Booker Ngesa Omole, Daisy Wanja Gakuu and Kevin Odongo Energy and Petroleum has declared three of our writers as finalists for Au-tnunet| %nvurIqIn-Irsinla-nurvonll-y-4 Achola. The Energy Joumalism Excellence Awards aims at celebrating exceptional writing which informs the Kenyan public about this vital mucus; economic sector. “ iIlo@hen1aerrgiIeer. to. It truth. -n1aerIgiIeer. (o. u This evening. the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum will announce the whners this evening at an event at the Sarova Stanley Hotel. Booker Ngesa Omole is shortlisted for the Energy Efficiency Joumalism Award. Daisy Wanja Gakuu is a finalist for the Oil and Gas Joumalism Award, and Kevin Odongo Achola is up for the awards in Oil and Gas. Nuclear Electricity. Power Infrastmcture and Geothennal Power Joumalism. Intercontinental Publishers Limited (IPL) is a broad-based publisher and media tinn which publishes. magazines. books. and websites and produces entertaining and educational documentary TV shows. IPL is consistently at the forefront of innovation and uses digital technology to create unique experiences for its customers. Kenya Engineer Magazine. which Intercontinental Publishers Ltd. has published since 1972, is the finn's longest established product. ‘Awesome: the Amazing World of Engineering‘ is lPL’s TV documentary series. Intercontinental Publishers Umited is oumently producing the second season of Awesome. The first season had nine episodes and aired on NTV in 2013-2014. Contact Person Ayanna Yonemura. Ph. D. Communications Director Intercontinental Publishers Ltd. communications@kenyaengineer. co. ke +254 0204443649! +254 0719207712 Company Name 8. Address Intercontinental Publishers Limited Riverside Drive. Daphton court, C10 PO. Box 45754 - 00100. Nairobi Kenya Tell: 4443649150172 | n_| .:I_. A-u4nnn-140:

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