Dear Members,
Welcome to the 2014 annual general meeting of Balmain FDFC. It ha...
RESULT: Balmain DFC has many boys and girls whose football development means they choose to
move to the various Premier ...
While Leichhardt Council Officers would like to add Waterfront Drive to their management of the re-
activated Glover Str...
Balmain DFC also continued its sponsorship of UNICEF. Proceeds from the teams who donated to
wear UNICEF shirts, plus th...
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President report balmain dfc 2014 season

Balmain & District Football Club President Report 2014
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - President report balmain dfc 2014 season

  • 1. 1 PRESIDENT REPORT BALMAIN DFC 2014 SEASON Dear Members, Welcome to the 2014 annual general meeting of Balmain FDFC. It has been another very successful year for the club on many levels. And it is particularly pleasing that key strategy objectives that the Executive Committee set in late 2012 have been met for what is now NSW’s second largest football club with just under 2,200 members. The key objectives from 2012 were: FIELDS GOAL: ensure that new fields are created in LMC and secure fair access for our members and improvements to existing fields to ensure that football can be enjoyed by all our membership. RESULT: In the lead up and following the 2012 Council elections, both the Glover Street and Balmain Road fields are now re-activated. Eight Councillors also voted to request the State Government add the Veterans field to any future Callan Park Master Plan. Balmain DFC – thanks to the enthusiasm of members to support our raffles – paid for draining and re-turfing of Waterfront Drive field in early 2013. Balmain DFC also took the lead in campaigning for the resolution after 8 years of the lighting at Birchgrove Oval. The Louisa Road tower has now been moved. And we thank Councillors and residents for supporting the current plan to move another pole down to the field in early 2015 to further improve the lighting. We are also grateful for those Birchgrove residents who recently urged Council officers to do further lighting upgrades, including an additional bank of lights on the pole that is being moved. COACHING STRUCTURE GOAL: provide improved coaching to all our junior players and not just the elite teams (Division One Juniors). RESULT: After some false starts, the coaching outcome was delivered in 2014 with the appointment of Joe Holt as Coaching Director and the commitment of several high level external coaches and some Balmain DFC qualified members. Our Division One teams now have high quality second sessions available, and our skills sessions for all juniors are well supported, with holiday camps achieving record numbers. Balmain DFC has one of the largest junior memberships in NSW, and every effort goes into making sure they all get the opportunity to develop their interest in football, from the child that wants to learn for fun, to those who are very serious about their football. The goal is to cater for the interests of all as far as possible. ELITE FOOTBALL GOAL: Provide channels for our juniors to excel at football and provide a football pathway through to senior levels at the club. Possibility of securing a State League Licence.
  • 2. 2 RESULT: Balmain DFC has many boys and girls whose football development means they choose to move to the various Premier League and State league options in the area. It is expected that the more formal coaching available at Balmain DFC from U6s and above over time will see more players take up the option to go to clubs that exist to do State League/Premier League/Youth League. The local football scene is very crowded – there are several excellent options for players to migrate from Association football to higher level football. As the first club of Socceroo Tim Cahill, ensuring talented players enjoy a stint at Balmain before higher level football is an excellent result. FINANCIAL STABILITY GOAL: Crucial to other objectives is financial stability. With current player growth, Balmain DFC requires new revenue streams to support member growing needs. RESULT: Balmain DFC’s overall financial position remains strong despite the higher costs in running such a large club. Our September 30 retained earnings sits at $152,189.49. However, the higher costs of running the club, significantly higher costs on coaching for juniors, and a disappointing sponsorship result against the FY14 budget led to a $22,170.17 loss for the year. The junior development revenue shortfall will be addressed now we are one year into the formal program, and a concerted effort will be made to improve sponsorship revenue. The rising costs of running a club of over 1,550 juniors, the cost of setting up and running 6 fields with ground officials and canteen staff will remain an issue. Unfortunately, just like many clubs across Sydney, the era of dozens of volunteers committing their weekends to running sporting clubs is over. Our families are busy and time poor – many would rather pay a fee than spend time doing ground duty or running a BBQ. Even the turnout at tonight’s annual general meeting is a sign of this volunteer fatigue. This has inevitable consequences: Balmain DFC like other clubs will need to cover the higher costs from a lack of volunteers through registration and hopefully higher sponsorship and other fund raising activities. Other initiatives to recover costs have already been implemented. These include the new Red Card system where the player picks up the cost, not the club. Members need to be reminded that Balmain DFC and Balmain South Sydney Cricket use Waterfront Drive field due to a two year rolling approval from the State Planning Minister. The field is overseen by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA). It is not controlled by Leichhardt Council (who run the other fields we use). It is our responsibility to run the oval. Balmain DFC has spent funds raised by members (e.g. the annual raffle) to do care and maintenance work each year: members have now spent over $60,000 in the past decade. Until the Callan Park Master Plan debate between the State Government and Leichhardt Council is resolved, members will need to keep funding these upgrades. In 2015, Balmain DFC looks to working with the State Government/SHFA on possible direct grants to improve the field and possibly lighting to maximise usage.
  • 3. 3 While Leichhardt Council Officers would like to add Waterfront Drive to their management of the re- activated Glover Street and Balmain Road fields, Councillors voted 12:0 in 2014 to not seek control of the Waterfront field until the LMC Master Plan is adopted. The annual upkeep of the Waterfront Drive field costs between $3000 and $10,000 (for new turf every 2-3 years) and this commitment is a key reason why the annual raffle is required. Other clubs do not have such a burden, and we appreciate the understanding of members. The condition of Waterfront Drive is very poor going into summer. This is due to a higher level of usage compared with a few years ago by our junior players, such as the second session for the junior graded teams in winter and the recent Junior grading for the 2015 season. We have requested SHFA urgently provide access to water. However, at this stage it is likely Balmain DFC will need to do additional ground works to make sure the field is ready for all members when the winter season commenced in April. FORMATION OF SUB-COMMITTEES GOAL: Ensure there is a large enough volunteer base to support the club growth. RESULT: We have dozens of deeply committed volunteers. They are very motivated, and put many hours into their roles as age co-ordinators, coaches, and managers. The Executive Committee is grateful for their assistance, and constructive feedback on what needs to be done better. In 2015, there will be more volunteers required for some of the key sub-committees from Men’s to the Tiny Tigers to ensure we can meet the needs of the members. However, Balmain DFC needs more volunteers – we run several fields in winter, and increasingly there are gaps when teams do not show up for their rostered ground official days. This is a significant problem. CDSFA demands we have volunteers to be at all games to monitor activities and provide support if required to referees and teams. Otherwise, Balmain DFC may be fined by CDSFA. In 2015, new requirements will be considered to ensure we meet our obligations – this could include fines to teams or the option that a team pays for a ground official in their slot. ################### So overall, Balmain DFC is well placed on meeting the strategic goals that it set three years ago, and I’m sure there will be further important initiatives in 2015 and beyond. There are many challenges running what is effectively a reasonable sized business, with high expectations from the 2,182 members and required to meet various mandated policies of both Canterbury District Soccer Football Club and Football NSW . Aside from the enjoyment that a community club provides to the 1,800 plus members who join and play to participate and have fun, there is obviously those especially in our junior ranks that really enjoy the competitive side of football and strive for competitive results. Balmain DFC fielded 165 teams in 2014, and we congratulate all those that made their semi-finals, and won grand finals. Some of our junior boys and girls teams did very well in non-CDSFA competitions, achieving excellent results in the Kanga Cup, the State Cup knock out tournament and the Champion of Champions.
  • 4. 4 Balmain DFC also continued its sponsorship of UNICEF. Proceeds from the teams who donated to wear UNICEF shirts, plus the excellent end of season six-a-side and charity day, a cheque for over $21,346 for the past two seasons will be handed over to UNICEF. Balmain DFC has also donated football boots to an indigenous community in the Northern Territory, and also donated shirts for charity day. In closing, my thanks go to the outgoing Executive Committee for 2014. The current Executive Committee tries extremely hard to make sure that our members have an enjoyable football experience. I would also like to thank General Manager Ian Gilmour who took the role up in 2014, and brought additional structure and discipline to operating the club. Our football manager Paul Cuscuna also did an excellent job in managing many key areas, from taking up the end of season kit work through to organising the coaching sessions, holiday camps and various CDSFA and membership matters. I would like to thank those Executive Committee members not standing for 2015 for their excellent contributions to the club. Former treasurer Matt Brown, Vice President Nat Hughes and Michael Garside have been involved in many of the new initiatives in the past three years. Balmain DFC in 2015 will continue to provide an excellent environment for our members to enjoy football in a community club and in a grassroots football environment. The expectations on a club approaching 2,200 members are high. There will be ongoing investment in our juniors to make sure they have every opportunity to develop their skills, from the child that wants to learn how to kick a ball, through to those who take their football more seriously. There are some significant developments in our local area that Balmain DFC will again be very active in promoting their interests of its members and the local community. Balmain DFC will actively participate in the planning process in the nearly Bays Precinct, which offers a once in a generation opportunity to provide the required fields for a booming inner-west population. This will be a difficult task. We will require our members to be active in demanding the State Government commit to several new fields, and to ensure Leichhardt Councillors put sporting infrastructure at the top of the list of requirements and constructively work to achieve this goal. Thank you for being members of Balmain DFC in 2014, and we all look forward to the 2015 season. Glenn Burge bfecpres@gmail.com

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