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SoundStation Premier Satellite.
Superior Audioconferencing
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SoundStation Premier Satellite
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Support for up to seven microphones — Upgrade both the Satellit...
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Polycom soundstation premier satellite data sheet

Polycom soundstation premier satellite data sheet
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. SoundStation Premier® Satellite SoundStation Premier Satellite. Superior Audioconferencing for Theater-Quality Sound E N H A O U Y S When you need superior audioconferencing with theater-quality sound, call on SoundStation Premier Satellite from Polyspan. S Featuring a modular, portable design, SoundStation Premier Satellite is easy to install and customize for the largest conference or board rooms. The Satellite D SoundStation Premier Satellite is a unique enhanced sound system that works in conjunction with Polyspan's top-of-the-line SoundStation Premier conference phone to provide full-duplex audioconferencing with unparalleled expandability. N Unsurpassed Quality Connecting the Satellite system to SoundStation Premier takes the world's best conference phone and enhances the sound quality while extending the room coverage. You get audio quality that rivals talking on a handset, and convenience features such as a 16-character LCD screen, wireless infrared remote control, and hold, redial, and mute buttons. Broader Reach S Other features include convenient console connectivity for a standard analog phone line, an RCA jack that allows you to record calls, and an interface to connect a telephone handset for privacy. You can also get up to four additional directional microphones for broader coverage. D ® E ® C Now, there's an affordable alternative: SoundStation Premier Satellite from Polyspan . system adds a second powerful speaker to the one built into the SoundStation Premier, to fill almost any size room with crystal clear sound. N Making decisions in large organizations often requires input from many people. Audioconferencing efficiently and economically brings people together. But in large room environments, the limited coverage and poor sound quality provided by most tabletop systems can be a distraction — disrupting the free exchange of ideas. And permanent room systems can cost thousands of dollars to install and maintain. T Advanced Teleconferencing Solutions M ® E POLYSPAN
  • 2. SoundStation Premier Satellite Features and Benefits w w Support for up to seven microphones — Upgrade both the Satellite or the Premier units with two extended hypercardioid microphones for a total of seven microphones to cover even the largest rooms. w Privacy auto-detection when used with a handset phone — When connected to an optional handset telephone, the Satellite unit will shut off the microphone and speaker when the handset is lifted, for the option of privacy during a conference call. w (25' Cable) High-fidelity speakers — Using two rare-earth magnet neodymium speakers, SoundStation Premier with Satellite delivers theater-quality sound with enough power to fill the largest rooms. Featuring Clarity by PolyspanTM — A key differentiator of all Polyspan products is the clarity they deliver. Polyspan’s “Clarity by PolyspanTM” mark provides users with confidence that their product will deliver the business-quality conferencing they demand. SoundStation Premier Satellite with Wireless Lavalier Microphone SoundStation Premier C l a r i t y by POLYSPAN Technical Specifications Audio Bandwidth: 200-3600 Hz Loud Speaker Volume: Adjustable to 89 dB/SPL/A peak volume Network Interface: Two-wire RJ-11 analog PBX or Public Switched Telephone Network Interface Privacy Telephone Interface: Two-wire RJ-11 (analog) Power Requirements: 90-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 35 watts Physical Size: Size: 12.3 in x 7.3 in x 2.4 in (31.2 cm x 18.4 cm x 6.1 cm) (L,W,H) Weight: 2.16 lbs (0.98 kg) Audio I/O: Auxiliary Input/Output(Auto-sensing) RCA jack Output: Line level to tape recorder Environmental Requirements: Temp: 5 - 40 degrees C, operating Humidity: 20 - 85 percent, non-condensing Recommended Room Conditions: Noise Level: <48 dB/SPL/A Warranty: 12 months Specifications are subject to change POLYSPAN ® Advanced Teleconferencing Solutions Polyspan, Inc., 2584 Junction Ave, San Jose, CA 95134-1902 Telephone 408.526.9000 or toll-free 800.POLYCOM Facsimile 408.526.9100 Internet Polyspan®, the Polyspan logo design, and SoundStation Premier® are registered trademarks and the Clarity by Polyspan logo is a trademark of Polyspan, Inc. in the U.S. and various countries. ©1998 Polyspan, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Part No. 3726-04739 Rev 8.98

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