Press release for ‘The Journey’
‘The Journey’ – Inaugural Exhibition of Sculpture & Fine Art
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Press Release For ‘The Journey’

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Press release for ‘The Journey’ ‘The Journey’ – Inaugural Exhibition of Sculpture & Fine Art at the Clock Tower Gallery, Cobh It is said that art mirrors life. It is fitting then, that the inaugural exhibition of ...Sculpture, Photography, Fine Art, and Video Art of both new and established artists, which runs from 28 August until 20 September, at the Clock Tower Gallery Cobh, showcases life so memorably. Life’s journey has brought many artists to our shores, whether through birth or relocation. Fusion has become a popular word in Irelands arts scene. And nowhere can the phrase be applied more comfortably than to the work of Blessing Sanyanga. Blessing Sanyanga’s journey commenced in Zimbabwe. From the Shona tribe, which is internationally recognised as having produced the world’s best stone carvers, Blessing has combined the influences of that tradition with Celtic symbolism. The concentric circles favoured by the celts are interspersed in the curving lines, characteristic of Shona art. His sculptures are inspired by his country’s nomadic tradition, family, journeying and history. In many works he preserves the texture of the stone, highlighting the way in which the sculpture has developed. “I allow the sculpture to come out of the stone, it is in there, and it is my job to bring it out.” Blessing works with Irish limestone, Italian sandstone and wonderful African green opal. NowWhatRichview, Dublin, ‘A Day in the Light’ features a collaboration of ten peoples Journey Across Ireland from East to West on 29th July 09. Photographs and video images taken were then digitally manipulated to create a single printed digital collage and a video installation, to show the changing light, rhythms, space, time, weather of the the day. Christ Watts, a conceptual documentary photographer, exhibits his latest body of work titled ‘What they left behind’, a story of loss, hope and change as part of the Irish Social landscape. Photographic works by Patrick Hough, National College of Art & Design, RDS Student Art awards exhibitor 2009. Part of a body of works of ‘The Great Irish Famine’, “dissonances of the Hollywood Image” Fine Art exhibits include works by Philip Gray, Martin Stone, Elsie Sheridan, Derek Lyons, Gary Snelling, Dolores Stephenson, Kerry Collins, Hazel Revington Cross, Other mediums; Siobhan Leonard, Sinead Kiely, Leon McCarthy, Dave Russell, Lukas Becker, Jim O’Halloran, Alona Klaro and Anthony Sheridan. “The longest journey begins with the first step” Enter the Clock Tower Gallery, Cobh and join their journey. Itineraries will be provided. Open 7 days a week, 10 – 6 weekdays, 11 – 6 weekends. Contact us on 021 4815148 or email

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