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Preservation Station - a canning kitchen on wheels.

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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Preservation Station - a canning kitchen on wheels.

  • 1. institute for sustainable living, art & natural design ISLAND is a non-profit arts and ecology center dedicated to connecting people with nature, art and community. ISLAND helps people become native to place by: a proj ect of isl and PRESERVATION STATION • supporting artists—visionaries, conceptual explorers and compelling communicators—with dedicated time, space and resources to create new work; PRESERVATION STATION Make Food Preservation a Party preservation station is an enclosed cargo trailer that unpacks into a high-efficiency, three-season food preservation kitchen and workshop space. Staffed by a canning expert, the trailer can be pulled onto farms, community gardens, farm markets or your own backyard at the peak of produce ripeness. • restoring the old and developing the new skills and traditions of community self-reliance; • creating and sharing a broad collection of tools for ecological living. institute for sustainable living, art & natural design 5870 Cottage Drive • Bellaire, MI 49615 231.622.5252 Preservation Station is currently outfitted for hot water bath canning of high acid foods, as well as pickling, fermenting and jellying. In the future, the trailer will include equipment for pressure canning, meat curing, drying, freezing, smoking and other traditional preservation techniques. Learn a new skill, sharpen your techniques, and join friends or family to make food preservation a fun new tradition in your community! island w w w. A RTmee t sE A RT A canning kitchen on wheels that can be towed onto local small farms at the peak of produce ripeness and unpacked into a food preservation teaching kitchen. s c h e d u l i n g a n d u s e i n f o r m at i o n
  • 2. Who � th� For? Learners - Canning for the first time? Brushing up on old skills? Looking for new techniques and recipes? Take a basics course or dive in to intensive canning sessions. FarMers - Was your growing season a little too successful? Invite your customers directly to the farm and sell that extra produce with a day of canning. GarDeners - Share your bounty with friends, or invite fellow green thumbs over to increase the joy of canning. Are you growing at a community garden? Wrap up the season with a canning party and then swap jars with fellow growers. partY peopLe - Just add wine and music! Hire the trailer for your next event. You BYOB, we’ll bring everything else you need, including an iPod-ready sound system. Pop the cork on your next birthday, block party or summer get-together. What’s Your Skill Level? BeGinners - Learn safe, specific instructions. Go home with tested recipes and real skills. Connect with a community of canners and become an expert at stocking your pantry! interMeDiate - Get the latest tips for safe, delicious canning, and discover new recipes, techniques and tricks to try. eXpert - Avoid the mess in your kitchen and have more fun canning in community. Share your skills! sCareD stiFF - Pop in for one of our demonstrations. With modern equipment and techniques, we’ll show you there’s nothing to be afraid of. Scheduled Events Visit the ISLAND website for an up-to-date listing of food preservation workshops and other events. W W W. a r t M e e t s e a r t H .o r G Custom Workshops and Events Why wait? You schedule the date, you pick the topic and you provide the people. We provide the expertise and support staff. We can also provide fresh local and occasionally organic produce, or we can use what you have bought or grown on site. DeMonstrations - A drop-in, informal tour of the trailer with no hands-on component. Great for a farm market or food event. pUttinG BY (5-8 Hrs) - A 5-8 hour workshop and preserving session that teaches the skills exactly as you’ll use them at home, and gives each participant a serious share of canned goods to take home. est value! b preservinG overvieW (2 Hrs*) - All of the basics in one 2-hour class: freezing, drying, canning and fermenting. Get an overview of the process without delving too deep into any particular one. eXpLoration CoUrses (2 Hrs*) - Dive in a little deeper with a single-subject workshop. CanninG: How to can fruits and high-acid vegetables, as well as making vinegar pickles. Includes a review of best practices in canning safety. FerMentinG: This ancient art of food preservation uses just salt and wild bacteria to create living, dynamic, nutritious and incredibly delicious foods. etC - Do you have your own idea about how Preservation Station can best be used? Give us a shout! *2 hour workshops do not include take-home goods. preservation station is available within a 50 mile radius of Bellaire, or for $2 per additional mile traveled. Secure overnight parking for the trailer is required, as we may need to deliver or pick up the trailer up to three days before or after the event. A class can support up to ten hands-on participants, though there is no minimum. Some events have a total set price, others are billed per-attendee. We provide all equipment and materials, including canning jars, lids and rings. pLease ContaCt Us For priCinG, or WitH otHer QUestions or sUGGestions. B L a n C H e @a r t M e e t s e a r t H . o r G or (231) 622-5252. Many thanks to the members of Oryana Natural Foods Market for their support of Preservation Station!

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