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National government

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Name They talked a lot about what to do. Some states were small. They wanted to be sure that they had an equal voice in the new government. The big states wanted to beOur National Government sure that all of their people would be heard too. The men who were meeting debated and argued. Finally, theyBy Phyllis Naegeli decided how to set up the government. The new government would have three sections called branches. For many years, aking ruled America. The first branch they planned was the legislativeHis name was George. branch. They called it the Congress and divided it intoHe lived in England. two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives.After fighting a big The Senate made the small states happy. Each statewar, George needed would have two Senators. The House made the largermoney. He started to states happy. Population would decide how many peopletax America. The would serve in the House.people were very mad. The legislative branch would make the laws. TheyThey did not want to would also decide how much money the governmentpay money to could spend. They gave the Congress the power toEngland. If they had to pay, however, they wanted a part approve decisions made by the executive branch. No onein the English government. The king wouldnt listen to would have complete power in the government. Thethem. So, they fought for their freedom. And they won! Congress would also have the power to remove Now America was a new country. There were thirteen government officials from office if they broke the law.states in America. The people needed a government thatwould be fair. It also needed to unite them as a free The second branch they planned was the executivecountry. The states had fought hard to be free. They branch. One person would be the leader of this part ofwanted to stay free. Many did not want a strong the government. The leader would be called thegovernment. president. Some people wanted the president to serve for life. Many people didnt like this idea. It was too much In 1781, a group of men met in Philadelphia to plan a like having a king. So, they decided the president wouldnew government. The first time they set up a plan, the serve four-year terms. They also said that whoever servedgovernment was weak. America discovered many as president had to be thirty-five years old and a naturalproblems with the government. It could make laws, but it born citizen. The leader of our country needed to becould not make the people obey them. Everyone knew experienced and loyal to America.that the government had to be changed. The states sent Today in the executive branch, many departments helpmen to another meeting. This time they knew they neededa strong government. But, they also knew the states carry out the laws made by Congress. All this is doneneeded to have rights. under the leadership of the president. The president is
  • 2. Our National GovernmentName Questionsgiven the power to approve or veto laws. He also chooses 1. Why did America fight for freedom from England?judges, ambassadors, and department leaders. Inaddition, the president makes treaties with other countries.The Congress, however, has to approve these decisions.This keeps the president from becoming too powerful. The third branch of the government was the judicialbranch. When it was first planned, it was only theSupreme Court. Later, the Congress added U.S. District 2. What was wrong with the first government AmericaCourts and U.S. Appeals Courts. The courts have the had?power to decide if laws are fair. They also hear legal A. the smaller states werent representedcases where federal laws are broken. The Supreme Court B. it was too much like Englandsis called the highest court in the land. In most cases, their C. it was too strongdecision is final. D. it was too weak When the plan for the government was finished, it wascalled the Constitution. When the states were deciding if 3. Which house of Congress made the smaller statesthey liked it or not, some people were concerned that the happy?peoples rights were not written down. This was changedin 1789 by adding the first ten amendments to theConstitution. These amendments are called the Bill ofRights. Our government was planned to keep us a free nation.Free from a king. Free from absolute rule. People have avoice in what the government does. All because a king 4. Which of the following are powers of the legislativedecided to tax America. branch? (Choose all that apply) A. to decide how much money the government can spend B. to approve decisions of the executive branch C. to appoint ambassadors D. to make laws
  • 3. Name 5. What is the name of the highest court in the land? A. the Supreme Court B. the U.S. Appeals Court C. the U.S. District Court D. none of the above 6. At what age can a person be president? A. twenty-one B. thirty C. twenty-five D. thirty-five 7. The Bill of Rights lists the rights given to the people. A. true B. false 8. The president serves eight-year terms. A. false B. true

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