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2) A progressive wake sequence – The Golden Ratio is a mathematical formula found everywhe...
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Press Release for ZenAwake

Press release for ZenAwake, a new iPhone alarm clock designed to wake you up feeling refreshed and inspired!
Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Press Release for ZenAwake

  • 1. for immediate release ZenAwake - the ultimate contender for iPhone alarm clock supremacyVANCOUVER - February 1st, 2013 - The latest and greatest iniPhone alarm clock technology is available today in the App Store.Guaranteeing a superior alarm clock experience, ZenAwake earnsits well-deserved tagline – “Wake up Better”. By utilizing a uniquecombination of low-frequency soundwaves, a progressive “GoldenRatio” wake-sequence and daily inspirations, ZenAwake promisesa smooth transition from sleep into waking consciousness. Born from the idea that our mornings set the mood for the rest of the day, the team at Bright Ideas challenged the most popular iPhone alarm clock apps by addressing common user complaints. The team’s findings were then condensed into a simple and focused mission statement for their own app. mission statement : The ZenAwake alarm clock should be pleasing to the eyes, ears and the mind. It must be simple to use and offer the most natural wake experience possible, while also inspiring its users to have a beautiful day. To accomplish the very best wake-up experience possible, the app features three key elements:1) The world’s most peaceful sounds – Inspired by traditional Tibetan singing bowls,these unique soundwaves produce a blend of harmonic overtones which relax and focus yourmind. Commonly used for meditation and recovery, these sounds are unique because of theirresonating low-frequencies. Page 1 of 2
  • 2. 2) A progressive wake sequence – The Golden Ratio is a mathematical formula found everywhere in nature. By utilizing this special formula, your custom soundwave is played in a progressive manner to help you wake up naturally and well- rested. 3) Daily inspirations – Wake up to the wisdom of Confucius, Buddha and Einstein. These uplifting quotes are sure to become the best part of your morning routine. Inspire your friends and family with the built-in Facebook and Twitter integration. Mike Yap, the Technical Lead stated, “The alarm clock has seen little innovation since its conception, most people are still waking up to alarms that shock them awake. We didn’t think that was acceptable, nobody needs to wake up like that anymore.”With a combination of science and design, the ZenAwake alarmclock does exactly what it was designed to do – wake you up inthe most peaceful and inspirational manner possible. “We tookeverything into consideration when designing this app,” saidProduct Designer, Sunny Gosal, “even the colors are specificallychosen to be easy on your eyes first thing in the morning.”ZenAwake was developed by Bright Ideas, a duo from Vancouver,Canada that is dedicated to improving the quality of your sleep. ###For more information on ZenAwake or if you would like to schedule an interview, please contact:Email Website iPhone Alarm Clock by ZenAwakeTwitter @ZenAwake Video See the VideoPhone 604 340 3279 Press Kit Download Press KitDownload direct from the Apple App Store: Android release coming soon, sign up at:iPhone Alarm Clock by ZenAwake Android Alarm Clock by ZenAwake Page 2 of 2

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