Olympic Chance “Let’s replace wars with friendly athletic competition!”, - said the wise Delphioracle, when King Ifitos of...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Olympic Chance “Let’s replace wars with friendly athletic competition!”, - said the wise Delphioracle, when King Ifitos of Elis turned to him for an advice. As the legend says,this was how the Olympic Games were invented.No one knows if this story is true or not, but the fact is that the Olympic Gamesturned to be a real means to establish peace in Greece. The Olympic Truce was theagreement to stop the wars during the Games. Even the most furious warriors puttheir weapons down to celebrate the harmony of human’s beauty, strength,intelligence and nobleness. Ancient Greeks took the Olympic Truce seriously for1200 years! That helped to save many lives as well as Greek’s culturalachievements, which later became the base to the modern civilization. Now I askmyself if it is possible to make full use of the Olympic Truce to save todayscivilization. Unfortunately, the serious approach to the Olympics and the Truce changed atmodern era. Although world’s society managed to revive the Games, it was notready to implement the Truce. People didn’t want to stop their wars because of theOlympics anymore. Moreover, they wanted to stop the Olympics because of thewars! We didnt have the Games in 1916, 1940 and 1944 because of the WorldWars I and II.Today we are lucky to live in the world without global wars. But when I turn onmy TV-set, I can still see death, weapon, ruins, wounded men, crying women andhungry children in different hot spots on the Earth. I also see intolerance andhatred, which are not so spectacular on the TV-screen, but still affect badlythousands of lives.London Olympic Games are on the way. Can they be a starting point for stoppingthe conflicts forever? Isn’t it the best time to recall the tradition of the OlympicTruce? Isn’t it an opportunity to show ourselves that we are strong enough and canbe more kind, more feeling and tolerant? I think, it is. Greeks used the Olympics asthe way to unite their separated cities. As the Games are now global, lets take achance to unite the world for peace, love and brotherhood! Anastasia Polonska Form 10 A School # 5 Monastyryshche

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