"Your Legacy is how you will be remembered"
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Nancy M. Heiser in American Philanthropy
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Nancy M. Heiser in American Philanthropy

Nancy M. Heiser, VP - Wealth Management, UBS Heiser Group makes the cover of China's American Philanthropy magazine. As someone who preaches leaving a legacy, she wanted to discuss how philanthropy should be an important piece in everyone's estate planning portfolio.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Nancy M. Heiser in American Philanthropy

  • 1. CHILDREN, PHILANTHROPY AND LEGACY "Your Legacy is how you will be remembered" The Heiser Group ® Nancy M. Heiser, CIMA UBS Financial Services, Inc. Vice President –Wealth Management Exploring your life through your goals within your family or business can be a very rewarding adventure. More importantly it is essential. Planning, saving, investing and giving back are words that describe a road map within the process of life. Philanthropy, small and large, identifies your Legacy. Legacy is how you will be remembered. A family or individual succession planning comes in all sizes, has great impact and leads to a journey down an exhilarating windy road. The end of that winding road is your Legacy which often is reflected in how you deal with Philanthropy. Philanthropy is defined simply as "good will to fellow members of the human race". It is the act of giving money and/or time to help others." For many years the stories of note came from those large, essential donations that help make possible the continuation of wel l established not for profit organizations with well defined goals and strong mission statements. Such as, Scholarship funding, Global education, Enterprise funding for the otherwise unfunded programs or funding for music, dance or organizations such as "The Big Apple Circus" whose Clown Care Program brings laughter to sick children in hospitals. There are many organizations available to explore within ones reach over the internet. Additionally, there are also those sel f directed philanthropic roads that can be initiated with a thought and a dream right around you. Such as bake sales, clothing donations, races for medical programs, such as eye disease and many others. Philanthropy taught early in a Childs life makes a profound difference in how the world looks to them and how they interact within it. Often what is a competitive need such as how many sneakers one owns converts to a challenge focused on how they can make a positive difference in someone or something's life. This challenge is often extended to animals. The simple act of communicating to a child that their giving acts are the beginning of their personal legacy is enough to get them started on the path toward Philanthropy throughout their life. Why not begin the process today? Beginning as early as possible so each child has years to feel the overwhelmingly positive impact of each experience is essential. There is no better feeling that you can get than being part of making life better for someone or something. Even the small gestures make a difference in how one feels. When I speak about Philanthropy and Legacy with others I identify the feeling as achieving ones own personal philanthropic goals and always wanting to reach for the next area in which a positive difference can be made. Family's who have been giving for generations and have left a Legacy through their Philanthropy know this feeling very well and pass the process on to their children who pass it on again and again. The goal is to encourage and set the challenge for all the global young to see there are opportunities to help others and that Philanthropic act comes back to them in many surprising and unexpected ways. The positive impact and global good to enhance lives encourages harmony and understanding that will directly lead to the focus on Philanthropy and ones Legacy.

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