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• Water Wisely: Water at night or in the morning to reduce the chance of water being lost to
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PENNINGTON SEED, JOE LAMP’L TEAM UP TO HELP LAWNS DEFEAT THE HEAT THIS SUMMER – Host of Growing a Greener World® shares quick and easy tips to ensure lawns remain healthy, green – ATLANTA (JUNE 19, 2013) – As temperatures rise and lawns begin to show signs of summer stress, homeowners across the U.S. are faced with the cumbersome task of maintaining a healthy, beautiful yard. To help lawn enthusiasts defeat the heat, Pennington Seed, Inc. is teaming up with Joe Lamp’l – certified landscape professional and host of Growing a Greener World, on national public television – to help homeowners efficiently quench their lawn’s thirst this summer. “When it comes to your lawn and landscaping, there are many ways homeowners can reduce stress – for themselves and their yards,” says Lamp’l. “Pennington makes it easier, since the seed varieties in Smart Seed® grass seed are specifically developed for water efficiency, requiring up to 30 percent less water year after year versus ordinary seed. This not only helps homeowners save time spent on outdoor chores, money on their utility bills, and conserve a significant amount of water as well.” Pennington® Smart Seed® is a pure bred, drought-resistant seed that helps establish fuller, healthier and greener lawns, while efficiently using natural resources. By utilizing high-quality seed that requires less water, homeowners can easily maintain their yard since grass is more resilient and can flourish within high-stress environments. In addition to using drought-tolerant seed, Lamp’l recommends homeowners simplify lawn care with the following tips that help reduce outdoor water consumption, while keeping landscapes lush, healthy and vibrant. • Condition for Drought: Pre-condition existing landscaping for warm, dry weather by watering less frequently but for longer periods of time. This will encourage deeper rooting, which helps grass and plants become more drought-tolerant. • Avoid Over-Watering: According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, most lawns only require an inch of water per week1 . Remember that most lawns only need water when the color falls by 50 percent, at which time only one inch of water is needed from supplemental irrigation and/or rain. Similarly, lawns seeded with Pennington® Smart Seed® stay green longer and require less water. • Use Water-Saving Systems: Install a drip irrigation system around trees and shrubs to improve water efficiency. Rain barrels also can be used to store rainwater for later use in landscapes as irrigation. –more– Media Contact: Brette Bennett (404) 870-6829
  • 2. • Water Wisely: Water at night or in the morning to reduce the chance of water being lost to evaporation in the mid-day heat. By doing this, grass will retain moisture but will also dry in time to prevent diseases that are more likely to develop in a wet lawn. • Retain Moisture with Mulch: Spread a lightweight mulch, such as wheatstraw, when seeding new areas to add a protective layer over soil. The mulch helps the soil and seed to retain moisture during the critical seed germination and establishment stages. For a cost-efficient solution once established, the clippings from mulching mowers help preserve soil moisture and add nutrients to the soil ideally suited for growing grass. “At Pennington Seed, we believe it’s important for consumers to know the best seed to use in their lawns, as well as how to properly maintain a healthy yard throughout the season,” says Jeff Crow, vice-president of marketing, Central Garden & Pet Company, the parent company of Pennington Seed. “Joe Lamp’l is a wonderful partner to our brand because his expertise directly relates to our consumers’ needs. We look forward to a productive relationship that fuels our ability to bring better information and techniques to the market.” About Joe Lamp’l As a Certified Landscape Professional and Master Gardener, Joe Lamp’l combines his television experience and expertise of landscaping, environmental stewardship and passion for living a more eco- friendly life, as creator, host and executive producer of the award-winning national public television series Growing a Greener World®. The show, which is entering its fourth season, focuses on the stories of people, places and organizations that are doing good things for the planet, with an emphasis on landscaping topics. He also serves as a landscaping and sustainability guest expert on national morning shows like NBC’s TODAY Show, ABC’s Good Morning America and The Weather Channel, among others. About Pennington Seed Founded in 1945 by Brooks Pennington, Sr., Pennington Seed, Inc. had humble beginnings as a small feed and seed store located in Madison, Ga., where the company is still headquartered today. Since the company’s founding, Pennington Seed has grown into one of the largest manufacturers, producers and distributors of lawn & garden and turf care products in the world, with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, observation nurseries and quality control labs located across the country. Pennington Seed is owned by the Walnut Creek, Calif.-based Central Garden & Pet Company, a leading innovator, marketer and producer of quality branded products for the lawn & garden and pet supplies markets. To learn more about Pennington Seed, visit For additional information on Central Garden & Pet Company, including access to the Company's SEC filings, visit # # # Pennington, Pennington with design, The Grass Seed People and Smart Seed are trademarks of Pennington Seed, Inc. Growing A Greener World is a registered service mark of The Joe Gardener Company, Inc. [1] U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (source)

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