Pontiac Driver Appears to be For SponsorsAssure you give your muscle vehicle common tuneups, oil american muscle cars alte...
Super 88, with cream exterior paint and red interior. The other 53 convertible is a rareshowwinning Fiesta, which has unde...
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Pontiac Driver Appears to be For Sponsors

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Pontiac Driver Appears to be For SponsorsAssure you give your muscle vehicle common tuneups, oil american muscle cars alterationsand keep up with any form of car upkeep. By dong this your vehicle will hold operating forany lengthy time, and itll also permit you to catch any main mechanical malfunctions prior tothey turn into a major problem. This is a lot more important when you drive your vehicleusually, which you ought to. A muscle vehicle was created to be driven, and did youunderstand that in case you merely let your vehicle sit within your garage, itll have a lot moremechanical troubles than for those who drive it frequently? Even when you only drive it to theretailer and back, or take an hour joyride all through your city streets, it can assistancepreserve your muscle car in excellent condition.These six categories are americaronline not exhaustive. Additional qualifying organizationsinclude: war veterans organizations, domestic fraternal societies operating under the lodgesystem, certain nonprofit cemetery corporations, the United States or any state. As there area large number of categories that qualify, it is best to determine whether or not theorganization qualifes under the IRS guidelines prior to making a charitable donation. In theevent you are unsure, after reviewing the IRS guidelines, you can call the IRS directly andfind out if the organization would qualify for any charitable tax deduction.The most prevalent muscle auto in the world is the Dodge Viper. People have modifiedamericaronline their Dodge Viper to produce over 1000 lbs of torque. That is almost far morepulling power than an 18wheeler. Since the auto is not really pulling the weight that an18wheeler it the car or truck has the ability to accelerate from 0 to 200 MPH in less than 9seconds. That is what a muscle automobile is all about though. Its all about torque.With springtime in the air, and summer just around the corner, are you looking for a fun car ortruck for your spring and summer road cruises? Just as palm trees represent fun in the sun,so do convertibles, and who doesnt want that feeling of being on a neverending vacation?Your search for that special car or truck can begin in Kansas City, Missouri.Mecums springcollector auto auction comes to Kansas City on March 29, bringing with it hundreds of buyersand sellers from across the country. This threeday event, which is one of the largest of itskind in midAmerica, will feature 750 muscle and collector cars. There are many different carstypes, but if youre in a market for a classic convertible, here are some of the great cruisersthat will be available towards the highest bidder.1930 ConvertiblesOne of the pair of 30sdrop top cars that will roll onto the auction block in Kansas City is a 1934 Chevrolet Roadster.This deepred roadster, with plenty of chrome accents, rumble seat, and gangster white wallshas been completely restored to its original grandeur.The other drop top car, a prewar eraconvertible, is a 1939 Ford Roadster. It was chopped and lowered, giving just the right stanceto this tastefullycustomized vintage convertible. It has been painted a goldenred, and onceyou open up the suicide doors, you will find a plush, tan custom interior. To get a finishingtouch, the owner added a LT1 power plant up front, to make this roadster the real deal.1950ConvertiblesOf the two 1953 Oldsmobile convertibles at the KC auction, one is a low mileage
  • 2. Super 88, with cream exterior paint and red interior. The other 53 convertible is a rareshowwinning Fiesta, which has undergone a complete restoration to its original specs.Alsofrom the 50s, the highest bidder can buy a twotone 1957 Ford Skyliner in white over red,with a matching twotone interior. In addition towards the retractable hard top, this auto has acontinental kit and chrome rocker panel moldings.Finally, for those who are looking for anybig ride with some special touches, check out the 1959 custom Cadillac. This Caddie hasbeen painted starlight purple, has a custom interior, neon underbody lights, wheel well accentlights, and a flame thrower. It must be fun to see this vehicle roll across the auction block,especially if the house lights are dimmed.1960 ConvertiblesEach category of cars have a certain advantage to each one. Of course in the event youcustomize any automobile it can be what you want it to be but can be much more work. Tostart out, American Muscle cars are great for drag racing. High horse power and fastacceleration speeds give them great advantage in drag racing. They can also be used as driftcars, but retain in mind that the most common drifters use rear wheel drive vehicles becauseit is easier to break the rear end of the automobile out of a straight line and into a drift.Remember that high horse power means that gas mileage will be horrible, so in the eventyou plan on using a muscle auto as a daily driver, retain it stock.In reality muscle cars are all about acceleration. They achieve their acceleration by means oftorque. This has been proven time and time again that torque was the basic calculation ofpower when cars were first being built. This can be why many American cars have been builtfor torque instead of turning power. There is a reason torque was the original unit forcalculating a auto power. That is because it literally meant power.There are three seperate car categories that basically every car or truck can be placed into.First are Muscle Cars which is your basic American Muscle that includes cars such as the1968 Pontiac GTO Judge, the 1971 Dodge Challenger, or the 1969 Ford Mustang. Secondare the tuners. Tuners are defined as being produced in Japan that includes cars such as theSubaru WRX STi, the Nissan 240SX (S14), or the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution(s). Last arethe Exotics. These cars are imports from Europe that redefine speed a style. This includescars such as the Lamborghini Murci lago, the Ferrari Enzo, and the Bugatti Veyron.

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