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Great Expectations (Hand-out)

Great Expectations: Managing International Students' Decisionmaking and Preparation-
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Great Expectations: Managing International Students Decisionmaking and Preparation Hand-outs for General Session 109Chair: Pamela Barrett, / Thursday, 30 May 2013 at 8amCo-Presenter: Matthew R. Beatty, 2013 NAFSA Annual ConferenceCo-Presenter: Cheryl DarrupBoychuck, / St. Louis, Missouri USACheryl DarrupBoychuck: Overview of trends and techniques in International Enrollment ManagementCheryl operates 17 multi-lingual domains that promote U.S. campuses, and recently launched an online funds verification service.GUILTY! A court rules on international recruiting. Nov 2012 US colleges suing students over default loans. 6 Feb 2013 “sugar babies” date for cash. 26 Feb 2013, Value and Affirmative Action: A Survey of Parents About College, 20 Mar 2013 and London Universities International Partnership help Indian students in UK find jobs at home, Apr 2013’s immigration authorities launch a service that matches Canadian employers with skilled foreign graduates, Apr 2013 college grads out-earn bachelor’s degree holders. 26 Feb 2013 for blue-collar work: College no longer guarantees success. 19 Feb 2013 Big to Know: Re-thinking knowledge now that the facts aren’t the facts, and the smartest person in the room… is the room.’s investment metaphor misses the point. 26 Jan 2013 ‘ethical crisis’ over foreign recruitment. 28 Feb 2013 has corrupted higher education, 24 Mar 2013’s Guide to International Student Recruitment, 2nd Edition, 2009 What to Sell, When, and to Whom. Mar 2006 S. McNamara and the Evolution of Modern Management. Dec 2010 Can Cut Costs, 11 Apr 2013 Shocked by Debt, 17 May 2012 College: No fancy words, no funny numbers. Mar 2013 on Education: Clark University. Mar 2013 decade of declining admissions yields for US colleges. 19 Dec 2012
  • 2. Funds Verification for International Education: Improving efficiency and integrity of the process. May 2013 keep your customers, keep it simple, Apr 2013 Ways Data-Mining will Transform Higher Education, 16 Aug 2012’s marketers use research like a drunkard uses a lamp post for support, rather than for illumination. -- David Ogilvy Avalanche is Coming: Higher Education and the Revolution Ahead. Mar 2013 Barrett: Data-based recommendations for improving communications with prospective studentsWith 25 years of experience in international higher education, Pamela is a consultant and Director of North America for i-graduate.There is a range of factors which confer competitive advantage to educational institutions. Understanding our students is essential intoday’s competitive environment. Using data from the world’s largest international student satisfaction survey (the InternationalStudent Barometer,, we look at understanding how students decide, what factors andchannels are important to them in making these choices, and how satisfaction impacts on recommendation. We look at what the datatell us about how these factors differ between markets, key market drivers, and what institutions can do to improve theircommunications with prospective students.We also need more than ever to understand the markets / countries and cultures from which our students originate and in which wework. In addition to the standard journals, we recommend these resources: The Economist Intelligence Unit World Bank Economic Outlook Data and Education Statistics Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Statistics United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization Zinch, with particularly useful material on China The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education The Capgemini / RBC Global Wealth Report 2012 Council of Graduate Schools Institute of International Education (IIE)’s Project Atlas Student Mobility and the Internationalization of Higher Education ICEF Monitor, offering market insight Reuters, which publishes interesting insights in global educationMatthew R. Beatty: Customizing recruitment and marketing content to manage expectations of international studentsMatt manages international undergrad recruitment at the University of Minnesota, and chairs its International Recruitment Committee.There are many demands on the staff members charged with managing international student enrollment, and in an IEM strategy, weneed to consider not just recruitment, but how to leverage marketing, promotion, admissions, student services, and academic programsto meet the institution’s broader strategic goals. In this section we look at the real-world demands of an institution’s recruitment cyclewithin the IEM context. In addition, we will discuss how to address communication challenges while effectively delivering accurateinformation to better manage new student expectations.1) Setting the institutional IEM (International Enrollment Management) context2) Identify roadblocks and critical challenges when communicating with prospective international students3) Unintended marketing consequences and samples of misleading advertisements4) How Indiana University “manages these expectations” through recruitment and other promotional messageso International student body Career services Estimated costs Interactive application checklist