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Salina Parks & Recreation’s Natural Resources program is committed to providing opportunities to dis-...
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22 Natural Resources
Tulip Festival TourTulip Festival TourTulip Festival TourTulip Festival Tour (*)(*)(*)(*) 6101.301610...
Royal Gorge WhitewaterRoyal Gorge WhitewaterRoyal Gorge WhitewaterRoyal Gorge Whitewater (****)(****)(****)(****) 6102.103...
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City of Salina Brochure - Natural Resources

City of Salina Brochure - Natural Resources
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - City of Salina Brochure - Natural Resources

  • 1. 20 Natural Resources Salina Parks & Recreation’s Natural Resources program is committed to providing opportunities to dis- cover and explore the natural world that is right in our “backyard.” The Natural Resources staff strives to bring the public a variety of outdoor skills and environmental classes designed to create and nurture curi- osity and interest in the outdoors. We hope that by providing these opportunities to learn about our world, we will promote a better understanding as well as an appreciation of our natural environment. LLLLAKEWOODAKEWOODAKEWOODAKEWOOD DDDDISCOVERYISCOVERYISCOVERYISCOVERY CCCCENTERENTERENTERENTER & I& I& I& INDIANNDIANNDIANNDIAN RRRROCKOCKOCKOCK NNNNATURALATURALATURALATURAL AAAAREAREAREAREA Lakewood Discovery CenterLakewood Discovery CenterLakewood Discovery CenterLakewood Discovery Center What’s Inside?What’s Inside?What’s Inside?What’s Inside? Lakewood Discovery Center offers the public an up close and personal view of our native plants and wildlife. There are many animal ambassadors for you to meet, as well as various animal mounts displayed in natural settings. Lakewood’s Library has many resources on natural subjects, and they are avail- able to be checked out for public use. At the Discovery Center there is something to see and learn around every corner. Learn about insects, mammals, owls, earth sciences, birds, the senses, and much, much more. Come explore our interactive educational displays and discover something new about our natural world! What’s Outside?What’s Outside?What’s Outside?What’s Outside? Lakewood Discovery Center is located in Lakewood Park and is surrounded by 99 acres of woods, prairie and lake. We are proud to be the guardians of Salina’s Urban Wildlife Sanctuary, which offers a safe place for the wildlife within city limits. Within the Sanctuary you will find nature trails winding through vari- ous habitats, including wooded canopy, a sandy shoreline, a meandering river channel, and a restored native prairie area. Just outside the Center, you will find herb, wildflower and butterfly gardens. There are also bird and squirrel feeders, all which attract wildlife and give you an opportunity to see the wild animals up close. For a more in-depth experience, you may call and schedule nature walks and/or tours Monday through Friday. To schedule a program, please call 826-7335. We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have. When scheduling a program, please call at least two weeks in advance. Indian Rock Natural AreaIndian Rock Natural AreaIndian Rock Natural AreaIndian Rock Natural Area Once the site of a Native American battle in 1857, this natural area located in Indian Rock Park now provides the public with an opportunity to explore a variety of habitats. Indian Rock Nature Trail is designed to intro- duce you to these diverse habitats as it meanders through scenic rock bluffs, woodland, lakeshore, and re- stored prairie. Follow the trail to the top of Indian Rock Hill for a spectacular view of Salina and the surround- ing area, or to its base, the site of our two-acre fishing lake. The Indian Rock Natural Area is being maintained to recall the land as it may have been when the settlers first came to this spot in 1858. To learn more about its geology, plants, and animals, as well as its place in history, you may partake of a self-guided tour by using the trail brochures, located at the trailhead on the southwest end of the park, or by calling the Lakewood Dis- covery Center (826-7335). Park RegulationsPark RegulationsPark RegulationsPark Regulations ► Park Hours: 5:00am - 12:00 midnight ► Pets must be leashedmust be leashedmust be leashedmust be leashed at all times. ► No swimming, camping, or open fires. ► No internal combustion engines on the lakes. ► Fishing license required. All state regulations apply. Length and creel limits are posted. ► Stay on maintained trails. Bikes, horses, and motorized vehicles are not allowed on the trails. ► Respect the plants and animals of the Urban Wildlife Sanctuary and Natural Area by leaving them in place and not vandalizing or destroying them.
  • 2. AAAADVENTUREDVENTUREDVENTUREDVENTURE TTTTRIPSRIPSRIPSRIPS & A& A& A& ACTIVITIESCTIVITIESCTIVITIESCTIVITIES Lakewood Discovery Center trips and activities are designed to bring out the natural side in you and are struc- tured around natural/educational points of interest. Our destinations/programs range from minimal physical activity to strenuous activity. To better gauge the activities suited for you, we’ve assigned a star system to the event, ranging from 1–5 stars. ««««1 star includes light walking, and minimal activity; ««««««««2 stars include light walking, and more than one activity; ««««««««««««3 stars include moderate walking or physical effort, and extended hours of activity; ««««««««««««««««4 stars include moderate to considerable walking or physical effort; ««««««««««««««««««««5 stars include considerable walking or physical effort with activities. Programs are held at the Lakewood Discovery Center, unless otherwise noted. Age requirements for all activities are indicated. If a grade requirement is indicated, it will be the grade in which the student is currently enrolled or has just completed. When participating in a program, be sure to dress for the weather and wear closed-toed, sturdy, comfortable shoes. Please call the Natural Resources staff at 826-7335 concerning questions about the following programs. Natural Resources 21 HHHHomespunomespunomespunomespun CCCCreationsreationsreationsreations (*) 6101.102(*) 6101.102(*) 6101.102(*) 6101.102 Tired of the expense and crowds of shopping? Have you ever wanted to make your own goods, like can- dles or soaps? Here’s your chance! This excursion will launch by heading to Wilson, to visit the Kansas Originals Market. The tour, complete with coffee and kolaches, will feature the many food items, crafts, arts, candles and personal care items all made by creative Kansans like you! Lunch will be at Made From Scratch, in Wilson; a quaint café with a hometown atmosphere, everything “made from scratch”, and featuring a German buffet, wow! From there, it’s back to Lakewood to get your own crea- tive juices flowing and make a “green” soy wax candle! You’ll have a choice of different scents, colors, decorations and containers, learn a handy skill and have your candle as a memento! When: Saturday, March 12 Time: 9:00 am-3:00 pm (approx.) (leave from Lakewood) Limit: 20 participants Fee: $50.00 non-member / $45.00 member Spring Break Nature Escape: S.C.A.T. (****) 6666111100001111....111100001111 Chase that spring break boredom away with an afternoon of Snacks, Crafts, Animals, and Trails at Lakewood Discovery Center. Come with us on a journey of discovery as we take a look at some of our native Kansas critters; learning how they live, what they eat, and how they protect themselves. We’ll hike the trails in search of wildlife, then enjoy some easy-to-make homemade snacks. Finally, use your creative spirit to make something that is naturally nifty to take home. When: Tuesday, March 16 Time: 2:00 pm-3:30 pm Limit: 20 Ages: all ages welcome Fee: $6.00 non-member / $5.00 member
  • 3. 22 Natural Resources Tulip Festival TourTulip Festival TourTulip Festival TourTulip Festival Tour (*)(*)(*)(*) 6101.3016101.3016101.3016101.301 Join us as we welcome spring on our day trip to the Tulip Festival. We will also be tour- ing Grandma Hoerner’s foods and gifts outlet and reveal the secret to their unique brand name, and what makes them so good. Afterwards, we will stop at the Alma Cheese Company to sample their homemade products. After lunch, we will attend the Tulip Festival, held each year in Wamego. This festival is full of arts and crafts vendors, shopping, and entertainment for all ages, and of course the tulip gardens in the park. If we are lucky, the tulips will be in full bloom and spring in its full glory. When: Saturday, April 16 Time: 8:30 am-6:00 pm (approx.) (leave from Lakewood) Limit: 20 participants; all ages welcome Fee: $40.00 non-member/$30.00 member Includes transportation, tour and entrance fees Lakewood Weekend HikeLakewood Weekend HikeLakewood Weekend HikeLakewood Weekend Hike (*)(*)(*)(*) 6101.3026101.3026101.3026101.302 We are headed for the hills to get out of town and get outdoors. We are going to hike the Flint Hills, near Topeka, at Eisenhower State Park which boasts 18 miles of trails that wind their way through the hills around the lake. We will hike a few miles each day, and choose which trails to explore. Make sure to bring your binoculars because this lake is known to have a large amount of wildlife present, including Bald Eagles in the winter and spring months. Cabins will be provided for your relaxation needs and delicious campfire dinners will be prepared right be- fore your eyes. If you like to explore the outdoors and meet people with these same outdoors interest, this is the weekend for you. When: Saturday, April 30-Sunday, May 1 Time: 7:00 am-late afternoon on Sunday (approx.) (leave from Lakewood) Limit: 14 participants; 10 years and older welcome Fee: $100.00 non-member/$90.00 member
  • 4. Royal Gorge WhitewaterRoyal Gorge WhitewaterRoyal Gorge WhitewaterRoyal Gorge Whitewater (****)(****)(****)(****) 6102.1036102.1036102.1036102.103 Shoot the “sinkhole” and dare the “sledgehammer” on your wild adventure down the Arkansas and many more class 4 rapids as we raft the Royal Gorge. We have an action packed weekend planned for you to enjoy as we spend four days and three nights in Colorado. We are going to travel to Canon City where we will camp with a view to the beautiful San De Cristo mountains with their 14,000 + ft. snow capped peaks. Our adventure starts off with a train tour of the Royal Gorge that winds its way through the canyon at the rivers edge. We will pull into the station to eat lunch, it’s then off to raft the river through the gorge. Many class 4 rapids await, plus scenery that is awe inspiring as you gaze up the 1000 ft. cliffs that the river has carved out. We will pass under the world’s tallest suspension bridge, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the elusive bighorn sheep that call this area home. Once back at camp, we will have a campfire dinner fit for a king and relax after a day full of adventure. The next day we will awake to a fire grilled breakfast, then off to the high country for an ATV tour that will take us off the beaten path. We will meet with our personal guide and set out into the wilderness on individual ATV’s to explore the backcountry. After our ride we will return to camp for free time and relaxation. We will head home the next morning and be back in Salina by supper time. When: Thursday, May 19-Sunday, May 22 Time: 6:00 am-early evening on Sunday (approx.) (leave from Lakewood) Limit: 20 participants; 10 years and older welcome Fee: $325.00 non-member/$300.00 member Includes: transportation, most meals, river rafting fees, wet suites/river gear, train ticket, ATV tour, camping fees, and camping tents/equipment. Items needed: tent (optional), select meal money, sleeping bag/bedding, pillows, shower toiletries, sun screen, bug spray, sturdy shoes, air mattress (optional), and any other camping necessities, tent sites will have electricity. Natural Resources 23

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