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Chris Charlton Global Expedition Guide

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Chris Charlton Global Expedition Guide

  • 1. Join the expedition for an adventure of a lifetime... Expedition Guide: Chris Charlton Born and educated in England, Chris is a laid-back, fun-loving and highly experienced expedition guide, having organised and led many expeditions in a multitude of environments across 6 continents for individuals and groups of up to 40 people. He has broad experience useful for expedition life, gained in both a civilian and military context, including paramedicine, outdoor sports, photography, writing, filmmaking, politics and diplomacy; and of course, enjoys culture, music, film, dance, parties and having lots of fun. Chris is also a highly experienced project and programme manager, management consultant, coach and trainer. For more information about Chris’ professional experience, click here... For more detail on any activity, click the title or go to You’ll also find out what other people think of travelling with Chris... Overland Travel Using any means necessary, whether it be car, bus, boat, barge, taxi, train, motorbike, or on foot, Chris has explored the diversity of some of the world’s great independent travel destinations, including such trips as South East Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Southern Australia in a VW beetle, as well as exploring many of the world’s more interesting cities. He was also President of Cambridge University Overlanders’ Club. Wildlife Safari Chris has experienced some great Safari adventures in the East African Rift Valley, the Tanzania Serengeti, northern Canada and southern Nepal. He also qualified as a Wildlife Campus Game Ranger & Environmental Ranger in South Africa. Scuba-Diving As a PADI Divemaster, Chris has dived in some of the world’s most exotic scuba-diving locations including the Australian Great Barrier Reef, the Caribbean, the Seychelles, East Coast of Africa, the Red Sea, and some of the best dive spots in South East Asia. Trekking Chris has organised summer & winter trekking trips to all corners of the globe, including traversing the Via Ferrata in the Italian Dolomites, the South African Drakensberg mountains, the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, long distance footpaths in England, Munro- bagging in Scotland, bushwalking in the Australian outback, and on the Oman border. Mountain Biking On a range of trips from weekend jaunts to serious downhill excitement to 6-week, 1500 mile tours, including the Pyrenees, traversing the Moroccan Atlas mountains, around the islands of New Zealand, and a 1500 mile tour of Scotland, Chris loves MTB. Kayaking & Rafting On several continents, Chris has explored some great rivers, sea kayaking adventures and white water action, inclduing in the UK, Australia, Nepal, and France. He has also has been involved in organising courses for beginners to the wildest Grade 5 (or more) ride; and part-qualified as a raft guide in Scotland. Skiing & Snowboarding With over 4 months on the white stuff in North America and Europe, Chris is a proficient skiier and snowboarder, both on- and off-piste. Mountaineering Chris has organised mountaineering expeditions to climb amazing mountains in a variety of the world’s great mountain ranges including the Himalayas, the European & New Zealand Alps, the Tien Shan Mountains bordering Kazakhstan & China, the North African Atlas mountains, even Mt Kinabalu in Northern Borneo, and Denali. Adventure Racing Chris has led many teams in a variety of adventure races, from day and weekend events to some of the world’s most gruelling endurance races, including the 1997 Discovery Channel Eco-Challenge in Queensland, Australia; and the 2001 Marathon des Sables, running over 6 marathons back to back over 6 days across the Sahara desert. Flying, Skydiving & Paragliding Whether in a commercial jet, a sea-plane, or a helicopter, Chris loves to fly. He qualified as a UK paragliding club pilot, and plans to get his private pilot’s licence for fixed wing and helicopters. He has dabbled in the art of skydiving and wants to do more. Sailing & Waterskiing Having gained his RYA Skipper certificate, Chris is comfortable sailing yachts, or getting closer to the water in a sailing dinghy. And for those that like the power boating world, he has also explored some cool waterskiing and wakeboarding spots. Other Stuff... Chris has also studied several martial arts; and has enjoyed a range of team sports, including football, rugby, hockey, and athletics. And of course, taking time to relax, on the beach, in the hills or at the bar!! What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Join Chris and, together, you can have a fantastic time doing whatever you’ve always wanted to... Namaste Fun First Point T +44 (0)870 735 9296 Buckingham Gate F +44 (0)870 735 9297 London Gatwick Airport E Gatwick • RH6 0NT • UK

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