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Press release - My Freshman Year Web Series

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Press release - My Freshman Year Web Series

  • 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Public Relations: REAL FRESHMEN LIFE EXPOSED AT NYU Student-run WebTV Series Documents Freshman Life at NYU The Princeton Review has deemed New York University the number one dream school in the nation. What does “dream school” life entail? Collegivity, a student-run production company founded at NYU, is determined to find out. My Freshman Year documents significant moments in the life of one NYU freshman student, Farrah Brittany A, as a weekly WebTV series. The initial episodes followed her preparation for college over the summer of 2006 before culminating in the very day she leaves her home in Los Angeles for the island of Manhattan. While not all students can relate to the experience of moving 3,000 miles away from home, all university students can relate to the changes and new experiences of freshman year. Whether or not you believe NYU is the number one dream school in America, this show documents the poignant experiences one encounters as they leave home for college. The added bonus is seeing what going to school in New York City is really like. The appeal of the show extends beyond the aspiring NYU applicants in high school but to fellow collegians who attend suburban, enclosed-campuses. The setting is exhilarating, the school is ambitious, and the experiences are 100% entertaining. All webisodes are available online at The producer of My Freshman Year as well as the marketing, public relations and music team are all currently college students. Thus the show’s soundtrack features music by independent college bands and artists picked straight from student submissions that were posted on the website. # # # Collegivity produces original webisodes updated weekly. We are a new-media entertainment company that produces, distributes and promotes collegiate content. Collegivity accepts article, music or video contributions from fellow collegians. Collegivity enables cross-media collaboration, facilitates distribution and provides publicity for their content. All employees are currently college students specializing or passionate about their respective fields, from entertainment finance to comedy.

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