Bujumbura, Burundi and Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 16th , 2015
Press release
registration in the UMVA Platform ...
PRESS RELEASE 500.000 clients Burundi
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PRESS RELEASE 500.000 clients Burundi

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Bujumbura, Burundi and Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 16th , 2015 Press release 500.000th registration in the UMVA Platform in Burundi Today, AUXFIN announced that it made the 500.000th registration in Burundi last week. This work is related to the larger Fertilizer project in Burundi of PAN- PNSEB supported by IFDC, the total project aims to connect 1.2 million (members) families. The registration is on-going and today 45% of the families (population) in Burundi have been reached. The 500.000th registered member in UMVA is from the village MUNYINYA in the province MUYINGA. AUXFIN will donate to this person or to the group a Rural UMVA Centre. This is a set of technology based on Barefoot Power and UMVA that can generate an income for 1 family. The total solution consists of a Barefoot Connect, a Barefoot Charge and an UMVA tablet. With this solution the member or the group can charge up to 17 phones and have 5 lights based on solar, as demonstrated by our tests in Burundi, and is able to train and connect group-members to the world using the internet. This basic registration database of more than 500.000 members forms the basis for community activation. In this special project with the assistance of HealthnetTPO, AUXFIN will organize the members in groups of 50 households. The so called G50 are the network that will be able to develop economic initiatives, which in combination with the low cost remittances process of AUXFIN. enable to fuel economic development. AUXFIN : approach, innovation and partners The Dutch social enterprise AUXFIN expands access to basic financial services through technological innovation that helps to reduce significantly the costs of suppliers and customers. Its technological solution UMVA (Universal Method of Value Access) does so by organizing networks of associations, cooperatives of small farmers, financial service providers, social service providers and the Diaspora. These networks are built around its platform offering access to basic financial services, communications, financial education and social services. For more information visit our web page www.auxfin.com or send an email to info@auxfin.com For more information on Healthnet visit http://www.healthnettpo.org on Barefoot Power visit www.barefootpower.com

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