Natural enhancement, a matter of convenience and privacy
When it comes to enhancement products, I think privacy and conve...
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Natural enhancement, a matter of convenience and privacy

Full Throttle OnDemand is a premier sexual enhancement product designed specifically for use by men and women. We at Allure Imports Inc., have been in the male enhancement business for a while now and we have a unique understanding of the market for supplements that treat sexual dysfunction. What we have found is that any product that treats male sexual issues and ignores female sexual issues is only doing half the job. We have also found that any product, whether it is a prescription medication or an herbal supplement, that focuses solely on improving physical sexual issues, while ignoring the areas of arousal and libido is not doing the job well. We have crafted and redesigned the special formula contained in Full Throttle OnDemand to successfully address male and female sexual enhancement issues both physical and psychological. That's our promise.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Natural enhancement, a matter of convenience and privacy

  • 1. Natural enhancement, a matter of convenience and privacy When it comes to enhancement products, I think privacy and convenience are much overlooked. This goes especially for the traditional prescription based enhancement drugs. You can' t order them online legally and you always have to involve your physician due to the risks that surround this product. Besides the hassle it is to get them using them is not all that either. For example: You can't use them in combination with alcohol, while everybody knows that sex most often occurs after a night on the town, or visit to a festival or other social activity. In short: When you really need them, you can't use them. With prescription based drugs today there is also the matter of privacy. Every medical fact from prescriptions to major surgery gets stored in databases. Those get shared with lots of people on a daily basis. Do I really want them to know about my little problem in the sack? The same happens at the pharmacy where every medication you ever took is also stored in online databases and who reads the news knows how safe that is in terms of privacy. Things are much better using all natural enhancement products like the ones from Full throttle on demand. Because they consist out of herbs and spices, like: Cayenne, Guarana seed and Damiana they are safe and available without the need for a prescription. No doctors involved, no pharmacy and thus no registration in any database that might get hacked. Best of all, herbal enhancement capsules can be used with alcohol. Sure, the effects are slightly less but they work and they can be used after that night on the town or other event I mentioned. So unlike the regular stuff they will work when I want them to. Getting them is also much more convenient. No prescription means I can order them online from out of my lazy chair ,and they get sent to wherever I want them to be delivered and discreetly so. Because of the fact that there are no physicians, pharmacists and other cost inflicting factors involved the all natural variety is also a lot cheaper then the prescription based ones. And last they simply do a better job, because natural enhancement products enhance everything, not just the blood flow to the penis. They enhance libido, stamina and endurance, increase the ability to focus and they do so for a much longer period of time then any known traditional prescription drug. And that is why I prefer to take all natural enhancement supplements compared to chemically based ones.

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