Natural sexual enhancement for women
While problems of a sexual nature among males is still pretty much a taboo, it defin...
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Natural sexual enhancement for women

Full Throttle OnDemand is a premier sexual enhancement product designed specifically for use by men and women. We at Allure Imports Inc., have been in the male enhancement business for a while now and we have a unique understanding of the market for supplements that treat sexual dysfunction. What we have found is that any product that treats male sexual issues and ignores female sexual issues is only doing half the job. We have also found that any product, whether it is a prescription medication or an herbal supplement, that focuses solely on improving physical sexual issues, while ignoring the areas of arousal and libido is not doing the job well. We have crafted and redesigned the special formula contained in Full Throttle OnDemand to successfully address male and female sexual enhancement issues both physical and psychological. That's our promise.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. Natural sexual enhancement for women While problems of a sexual nature among males is still pretty much a taboo, it definitely is when it comes to sexual problems among women. Sure, they may talk more openly about it among other females, but for most males women simply don't have sexual problems and in their mind the problem does not exist. This belief, in turn is being amplified by the pharmaceutical industry, which is shown by the fact that literally every enhancement product they introduce, or improve is geared towards males. Women are left out in the cold and basically the message from the pharmaceutical industry to them is: deal with it. Of course this does not change the fact that sexual problems among females are very real. Vaginal dryness, loss of sex drive, just to name a few of the symptoms are living proof of this. This being said, the causes for the problems are often very much the same as with males with stress being the number one factor causing it. Fortunately in the area of all natural enhancement products, there is a working solution for women afflicted by this. The reason why herbal enhancement capsules, like the ones from Full throttle on demand do work for women, unlike their chemically based counterparts is the fact that herbal enhancement works on many more levels then just the blood circulation. All natural enhancement supplements consist out of herbs and spices, like: Cayenne, Guarana seed, and Damiana and this makes all the difference in the world. Where chemically based enhancement products only concentrate on increasing blood flow to the penis, which in turn makes them dangerous for women to take in the first place, herbal enhancement will focus on many things simultaneously. Cayenne will regulate the blood flow(and keep it safe for women as well), Guarana will provide an energy boost and most important for women: Damiana will intensify and heighten the senses. This in turn makes sexual intercourse for men and women alike a much more intense experience. Add to this the fact that the Ginseng in them will increase the ability to focus among other enhancements and it is obvious why natural enhancement solutions will succeed where chemically based products will fail. In short, all natural enhancement products can be a godsend when it comes to problems of a sexual nature, because regular medical science literally has left them out in the cold.

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