Popular Ice CreamSupermarket shelves, specialty dairy shops, dessert shops and evenconvenience stores always have tubs and...
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Popular ice cream

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Popular Ice CreamSupermarket shelves, specialty dairy shops, dessert shops and evenconvenience stores always have tubs and pints of ice cream all yearround. Rain, snow or sunshine, it’s there on the chiller encasing theflavors of fruits, nuts, chocolates and vanilla, to be consumed as asnack or as an after dinner dessert. Its presence everywhere at all timesof the day indicates just how popular ice cream is.But it is during the summer months when ice cream is consumed themost, not only to beat the heat but also because it’s a frozen treat thatspeaks of the delights of summer. Children most especially love to havea cone or two of this wonderful treat. Ice cream trucks and carts wouldgo round the corner, its loud melody alerting everyone their favorite icecream is in town.Ice cream shops would have long lines from the counter all the wayoutside. The ice cream store sellers busily fill scoop after scoop afterscoop from the glass counter, running to the back of the store for moretubs of the flavor that has already sold out. You get your fill of popularice cream flavors whether in sugar cones, bowls or banana split boats.Toppings like chopped nuts, cherries, chocolate syrup, candy sprinkles,melted chocolate and whipped cream make these popular treatseven more delectable.In a recent 2012 survey from the International Ice Cream Association(IICA) of their member companies (which manufacture and distributeice creams in the United States), vanilla is still the most popular icecream flavor hands down. Tying for second place in popularity are thechocolate chip mint and cookies-and-cream flavors.Other popular ice cream flavors that have topped the IICA’s list inprevious years aside from classic vanilla include the chocolate, butterpecan, strawberry and the three-toned Neapolitan ice cream flavors.Aside from popular ice cream flavors, the IICA 2012 survey also listedthe premium type of ice cream as preferred by American consumers.Premium ice cream “has a lower amount of aeration and a higher fatcontent than regular ice cream,” which makes it thicker and creamier.Belonging also to these popular ice cream favorites are the frozenyogurt and soft serve ice cream. The first one is made with yogurt orcultured milk while the other one has double the amount of air ,(overruns, in the ice cream industry parlance) introduced into themixture, making it easier to serve from a machine with a spigot.

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