Popular Sodas from gourmandia One of the famous brands of sparkling water is Perrier, made ...
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Popular sodas

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Popular Sodas from gourmandia One of the famous brands of sparkling water is Perrier, made from a spring located in France, in Vergeze in the Gard region. Owned by the Nestle Corporation, Perrier was the first sparkling water imported in the United States. Known to be a high-quality and expensive brand, Perrier is naturally carbonized water, which is caused by volcanic gases in the rocks found near the spring. The carbonic gas and water are collected separately from the same source. It is only in the bottling process that the carbon gas is added to the water. When opened, the level of carbonation in the bottled water is the same as the level in the natural spring water.Other popular brands of carbonated water include Voss water, which is bottled in Norwayand considered to be one of the purest and gentlest sparkling water brands in the world; SanPellegrino, which comes from Italy and is very popular all over Europe for its highcarbonation and high quality taste; Gerlosteiner from Germany, which is naturallycarbonated and considered a health tonic that contains essential minerals and salts; andAntipodes from New Zealand, which is an award-winning brand that has a greatpresentation and excellent taste.When it comes to soda pops or colas, perhaps there is none more recognized and loved thanCoca-cola. Considered as the original and mother of all sodas, the original recipe for sodacontained cocaine but its recipe has changed from the early days. It remains to be one of themost popular drinks in the world, and among one of the six drinks that changed history.Another popular soda pop or soft drink is Pepsi, which is the main brand competitor of Coke.Like coke, it also has a caramelized flavor and sweet sugar syrup with a brown color. 7-upand Sprite are two of the most adored soda brands in the world. They have a sharp citrusflavor and clear color, and do not contain any caffeine. Its color and flavor make it a popularingredient for cocktails and mixed drinks.Another refreshing soda drink best enjoyed with a glass of ice is root beer. Originally, rootbeer was made with sassafras root but after it was discovered to be potentially dangerous tothe health and may cause cancer, artificial flavors that mimic the flavor of sassafras root wascreated instead. One of the most universally popular root beer brands is A&W.

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