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In the last decade the Board of Education in LAUSD began to work on improving schools meals by adopt...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Food Policy Checklist In the last decade the Board of Education in LAUSD began to work on improving schools meals by adopting various and progressive policies. Here is a checklist summary of these policies. Are these implemented at your school? Competitive Food (Junk Food Sales) Quality & Appealing Food Access Communications, Parent & Student Involvement Nutrition Education ! Soda, and other high sugary drinks, are not available for sale in schools ! “Junk Food” –high fat and high calorie snacks- are not sold at school ! Only “approved” snacks will be for sale at student stores and vending machines; (for details visit (http:// ! All schools implement Breakfast in the Classroom or a Nutrition Period ! Lunch service is set at appropriate times, 12:30pm or before ! School bell schedules allow every student at least 20 minutes to eat a school meal and to ensure a minimum of 70% meal participation of average daily attendance (ADA) ! A variety of breakfast and lunch entrees, and fresh fruits and fresh vegetables and salad bars (where served) will be available throughout the meal period ! Public schools in California are required to provide free, fresh drinking water where meals are served or eaten ! Provide at least one vegetarian option that includes a vegetable or fruit component in addition to the salad bar ! Provide a vegetable and fruit bar, where facilities permit, at all schools ! Meals are low in fat, sodium, sugar, contain no trans-fats, and there are no fried foods, whole grains are part of the meals and there is no chocolate milk ! Fruits and vegetables purchased come from small to mid- size farms and at least 5% are locally grown, within 200 miles to ensure quality, freshness and taste ! Parents may request that principals print and post at school sites cafeteria inspection reports that are on the district website ! Established customer service expectations for cafeteria staff are published ! Solicit student feedback on the menu via surveys, focus groups, and taste tests ! Parents receive education on school food programming and their input on the menu is collected and incorporated in the development of a comprehensive program to market cafeteria meals ! Display nutrition information of school meals in the cafeteria providing clear and visual information about the quality of school food both to students and parents; ! Incorporate nutrition education into the curriculum and link what is taught in the classroom This policy checklist was created by: For More Information Contact Elizabeth Medrano 323.341.5097

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