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Presidents Letter & Cvi Services 3.0

Crystal Vision - President\'s Letter (Fall 2010)
Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Presidents Letter & Cvi Services 3.0

  • 1. PRESIDENT’S LETTER – EDITION 1.0 FALL 2010 A Letter to our valued clients CRYSTAL VISION, INC. OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLE “AT CRYSTAL VISION, WE BELIEVE THAT TO BE THE ABSOLUTE BEST WE MUST PROVIDE INSIGHTFUL STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE WHILE SERVICING CLIENTS THE WAY THEY DESErVE. THE CLIENT’S VISION IS OUR VISION.” To Our Valued Clients, Our Mission and Commitment to Excellence Company profile Crystal Vision was founded on the guiding principles of becoming a client based organization that embodied the service our entrepreneurial industrial Founded 2010 revolutionists made legendary during the turn of the 20th century - honest, integrity-driven, ‘look you straight in the eye and remember your name’ service backed by pure hard work and determination. With current operating environment challenges spurred by a global economic horizon under relentless Principal Jason velez distress financial markets are spiraling out of control and multinational and small business profits are shrinking to miniscule proportions. Organizations that possess the right operational fortitude will ultimately survive the race to Location New York recovery. As a result of this prevailing instability, customers are not receiving the quality of goods and services they rightly deserve. The speed of business continues to accelerate and organizations gradually lose touch with their founding mission statements. Inevitably, we have become participants in an industry Consulting & empty landscape of products being mindlessly exchanged for tangible currency. I advisory, finance, In technology du At Crystal Vision this style of business is simply unacceptable. All of our clients st count. There are no rating scales or favoritism placed on clients that invest more ry capital in our services. Everyone matters, no matter the scale or size of the practices Risk management, project. This is the core of what we represent as a company. We may not be the project management, largest operation in our arena, nor are we aiming to be. We also understand that audit, financial there are a number of choices. Our unwavering promise is that our modeling organizational dedication towards exceptional quality, unbridled work ethic, and passionate energy towards servicing our clients with every fiber of our intellectual and professional capacity will continue to be our driving force to become best-in-class. Some categorize their services as business transformation; others identify it as business reengineering. We classify our services as using the existing fundamental components of your business model and strategically optimizing it to effective and sustainable operating levels. Crystal Vision uses insightful strategic intelligence to service clients the way they deserve. We are not seeking to develop short-term relationships and walk away. We are committed for the long haul. Our proposition is simple – provide us the opportunity to serve your organization and you will have loyal partners for the entire life of your business - guaranteed.
  • 2. PRESIDENT’S LETTER – EDITION 1.0 FALL 2010 Our Team MANAGEMENT & BOARD OF DIRECTORS Our leadership team has more than 50 years of cumulative experience in areas such as Consulting, Project Management, Financial Services, Accounting, Six A DYNAMIC BLEND OF TALENTED AND Sigma, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Audit, Risk Management, and EXPERIENCED LEADERS, Marketing. Our Board Members have an average of 20 years of Senior Executive STRATEGISTS, AND INDUSTRY EXPERTS MAKES OUR COLLECTIVE experience at industry leading organizations. In addition to working with clients TEAM A VALUABLE RESOURCE FOR like American Express, AIG, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Pfizer, our team has ANY ORGANIZATION. WE THRIVE ON held progressive leadership posts in organizations like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, DOING THINGS THE RIGHT WAY PepsiCo, and Honeywell. Through this experience we have yielded invaluable PRIDING OURSELVES ON best-in-class methodology and problem solving techniques that we can uniquely EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY AND CLIENT SERVICE. TO US, THERE IS JUST NO tailor to your specific business requirements. When you partner with our team OTHER WAY TO DO BUSINESS. you will have a bevy of industry leading best practices virtually at your fingertips. Our Social Responsibility As a part of our organizational mission and social responsibility to our global community, we have proudly launched Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S (Progressive Entrepreneurs Goodwill Association Serving Underprivileged Societies) is a non-profit initiative launched by a consortium of independently managed businesses to provide consulting and advisory services to impoverished municipalities in the U.S. and underdeveloped emerging markets abroad requiring assistance with financial risk management policy and infrastructure. To achieve our mission, Crystal Vision is developing a sovereign economic risk stabilization model that will aid in monitoring and managing financial risk. All proceeds will be reinvested into the impoverished communities we serve. Residual proceeds will be donated to St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital (Partner in Hope Program), Ronald McDonald House, UNICEF, American Heart Association, and the American Diabetes Association. We look forward to partnering with you and making your vision our vision. Jason Velez Founder/President Crystal vision, inc. OUR SYMBOL The crystal vision company logo is the zia. this native American symbol represents strong body, a clear mind, a pure spirit, and a devotion to the welfare of others. These attributes link closely to our organization’s formula for success. 2
  • 3. PRESIDENT’S LETTER – EDITION 1.0 FALL 2010 Crystal vision, inc. business solutions Our firm’s core competencies span a wide array of industries, specialties, and operational concentrations. Allow us the opportunity to assess your current business needs and build customized solutions for your organization. Our consultations are at no cost to you. 3
  • 4. PRESIDENT’S LETTER – EDITION 1.0 FALL 2010 Crystal vision, inc. Connect with crystal vision whenever you are in need of our services. We look forward to partnering with you. whether it is to obtain our professional opinions on a specific subject matter or to brainstorm regarding an upcoming project. You will be able to obtain all company updates and current events on our wesbite, facebook, twitter, Blogger, and linkedin by spring 2011. When you think of your next business partners, think of crystal vision. Contact information: NEW YORK • NE W JERSEY • C ONNECTICUT TEL: 914 - 844 - 4752 EM AIL: JASON.VELEZ@CRYSTALV IZ.NET FAX: 914 - 902 - 5736

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