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CS Unitec Portable Magnetic Drills: HB-4400

The HB-4400 hydraulic portable magnetic drill is ideal for marine and construction, and works underwater.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - CS Unitec Portable Magnetic Drills: HB-4400

  • 1. HB-4400 Cutter capacityHydraulic for marine and construction – works underwater 2 1/16" dia. PORTABLE MAGNETIC DRILLSSafe • Reliable• Ideal for industrial, construction, marine and mining applications• Drill structural steel and other metals• Hydraulic motor safe for underwater use• Stainless steel construction resists corrosion• Manually operated permanent magnet with ratchet control has holding strength of 1300 lbs.Drill up to 2-1/16" dia.• Uses annular cutters With a 3/4" chuck (Part No.• Twist drilling up to 1/2" dia. 602045A), this• Automatic lubrication model easily converts to a standard drill press with a 3" stroke.Cutter Capacity Twist Drill / Stroke Speed Range Countersink (length) (RPM) Model HB-4400 Hoses not included ø 21/16" 1/2" Up to 33/4" 0-630 Model HB-4400 Specifications Motor Power (Hydraulic) 1.5 HP Weight 481/2 lbs. Hole Capacity 21/16" dia. Twist Drill Capacity 1/2" dia. No Load Speed, Variable 0-630 RPM Hydraulic Supply Flow 6.5 GPM @ 2000 PSI Magnetic Force (1" plate) 1300 lbs. Automatic Lubrication Included ® See pages 32-49 for Annular Cutters and Accessories. • 1-800-700-5919 • Visit our Web site at www.csunitec.com 31

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