Preventify.meHelp the ones you love stay healthy Damien Leri, MS.Ed, MPH(c) ...
The  right  health  informa/on  can  be  hard  to  find  In  the  US,  chronic  disease  accounts  for  70%...
The  Sandwich  Genera/on    25%  of  Americans  (aged  45-­‐55)  are   simultaneously  involved  in  child ...  helps  you  care  for  loved  ones  TAILORED  RECOMMENDATIONS   MANAGE  IT  ALL ...  applies  concepts  from  health  behavior  theories  and  rests  on  literacy  principles   ...  features  make  it  easier  to  care  Spanish  Language   Surp...
An  evalua/on  framework  High  rates  of   Empower  the     The  team’s  /me   Distribu...  improvements  Phase  1:   Phase  2:   ...
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Preventify me presentation_final_march8

  • 1. Preventify.meHelp the ones you love stay healthy Damien Leri, MS.Ed, MPH(c) Ian Bennett, MD, PhDGuardar la salud de su familia Rosemary Frasso, PhD, MSc Lauren Hallden-Abberton, BFA Alex Tam, BASc Amy Lee, BS, BASubmitted for Health2.0 and ODPHP, March 8, 2013
  • 2. The  right  health  informa/on  can  be  hard  to  find  In  the  US,  chronic  disease  accounts  for  70%  but  people  are  uninformed  and  have  difficulty  siAing  througof  deaths  and  75%  of  health  spending*    Preven/on  is  the  best  way  to  address  this   How do I stay healthy?problem  h  all  the  noise  to  find    reliable  and  understandable  informa/on  that  can  help  them  get  healthy  and  stay  healthy  Open  searches  yield  too  much  info  and   Open  searches  are  noisy  much  of  it  is  not  at  the  appropriate  literacy  level  for  the  lay  consumer    AHRQ  and  ODPHP  provide  well  designed  recommenda/ons  for  lay  users,  they  employ  plain  language  but  too  many  of  us  just  do  not  know  where  to  look   Opportunity  for  more  access   and  beNer  adherence   * Source:
  • 3. The  Sandwich  Genera/on    25%  of  Americans  (aged  45-­‐55)  are   simultaneously  involved  in  child  and   elder  care*   The  typical  caregiver  is  in  her  mid-­‐ for/es,  married    employed   While  tradi/onally  this  responsibility  has   fallen  on  women,  more  and  more  men   ²  She  has  liNle  /me  and  needs  quick  access  to  reliable   informa/on  that  is  ready  to  be  shared  with  the  ones   find  themselves  in  a  care  giving  role  and   she  loves     squeezed  in  between  the  genera/ons   ²  She  must  understand    the  changing  needs  of  children   and  parents   ²  She  must  be  on  top  of  current  recommenda/ons     ²  She  must  remind  her  children  and  parents  about   preven/on  ac/vi/es     ²  She  must  plan  and  schedule  health  ac/vi/es  for  hers   self  and  others  Source: Pew Research -
  • 4.  helps  you  care  for  loved  ones  TAILORED  RECOMMENDATIONS   MANAGE  IT  ALL     COMMUNICATE  AND  SHARE  Learn  about  recommended   Create  simple  to-­‐do  lists  to   Text  reminders  and  cues  preven/ons  for  each  member  of   manage  the  whole  family   ac/on  to  friends  and  family  the  family  based  on  age  and      gender  through  expert   Organize  and  keep  track  of  health   Set  appointment  reminders  informa/on  on   promo/on    plans  for    the  whole   and  opt  in  to  receive  a  variety   family   of  expert  curated  health   preven/on  /ps
  • 5.  applies  concepts  from  health  behavior  theories  and  rests  on  literacy  principles   ² Cues  to  Ac/on   The  Health  Belief  Model  highlights  the  importance  of     external  influences  that  promote  ac/on  and  behavior   change;  including  informa/on  and  reminders  provided  by   people  we  care  about  or  respect                                                       lets  you  generate  cues  to  ac/on  for  you  and   your  family   ² Social  Support   Has  long  been  associated  with  improved  health  outcomes  empowers  people  to  provide  social  support   for  ones  they  love  near  and  far   ² Informa/onal  Support  Plain  Language   Detailed  Resources   The  delivery  of  advice,  sugges/ons  and  informa/on  can  be  Guides  user  to  resources  that  are   Points  to  diagramma/c   used  to  address  problems  or  inform  behavior  change  commiNed  to  delivering  messages   explana/ons  where  appropriate  provides  curated  and  ac/onable  that  are  readily  understood.     informa/on  from  trusted  resources     Avoids  verbose,  complex  Avoids  verbose,  complex   sentences  and  medical  jargon  sentences  and  medical  jargon       Development  team  is  recognized  Hundreds  of  text  messages   for  apps  appropriate  for  developed  by  two  na/onally   popula/ons  with  low  technology   *Ian Bennett MD PhD and Rosemary Frasso PhD!recognized  experts  in  health   literacy**   **Winner, Health 2.0 (Knight Foundation and the FCC) Apps for Communitiesliteracy.**   Award for Digital Proficiency: For the app that best impacts people with limited digital proficiency!
  • 6.  features  make  it  easier  to  care  Spanish  Language   Surprise  messages   Set  reminders  for  others   Ac/vate  Healthfinder  info  Preven/  is  available  completely  in   Messages  developed  by  na/onally   Manage  text  based  reminders  for   Showcase  expertly  curated  educa/onal  spanish  to  make  it  accessible  a  wider   recognized...     members  of  your  family   informa/on  from  popula/on  Record  test  results   Export  pdf  or  calendar   Latest  Discussions   Find  Clinics  Provide  a  place  for  users  to  mark   Func/onality  to  export  health  ac/vity   Display  the  latest  news  and  discussions   Find  loca/ons  for  nearby  providers  preven/ons  as  completed  and  record   records  as  well  as  pushing  calendar   on  the  twiNer  feeds  of  respected  any  test  results  for  future  reference   links  into  the  users  na/ve  calendar   informa/on  sources
  • 7. An  evalua/on  framework  High  rates  of   Empower  the     The  team’s  /me   Distribu/on  of   Short  term   Medium  term  chronic  disease   Sandwich   and  exper/se     app  into  the   Increase  u/liza/on       measure  the  types  of  coupled  with  a   Genera/on     used  to  design   target   of   informa/on  accessed  need  to  connect   others     an  app  that   popula/on   resource  materials   and  shared    people  with  the     facilitates  the    informa/on   Promote   u/liza/on  and   Self  report  of  they  need  to   behavior   ac/va/on  of   adherence    and  get  healthy  and   change   health   behavior  change  stay  healthy     improve  access   preven/on   informa/on     resources   Towards  that  goal  we  see  four  primary  targets  for  evalua/on  The  app  is  designed  to:   ²  Target  1:  Access  of  content                                                            ²  Provide  an  effec/ve  dissemina/on  channel  for   Measure,  over  /me,  cumula/ve  pages  touched  and  measurements  rated  by  content   gender  and  age  ²  Encourage    people  to  engage  in  preven/ve   ²  Target  2:  U/liza/on  of  the  various  features                                                                           ac/ons   Measure  ac/vely  used  u/li/es  of  Prevenfy.Me  in  order  to  assess  what  is  working  and   useful.  (Reminders,  messages,  connec/ng  family  members  or  friends,  etc)  ²  Towards  that  goal  we  see  four  primary  targets  for   evalua/on   ²  Target  3:  Perceived  value  of  the  app   Measure  through  period  surveys.  Surveys  would  go  to  three  groups  based  on  usage.   Those  who  are  low  users,  medium  users  and  high  users   ²  Target  4:  Dissemina/on  of  app                                                                                                                   Measure  the  degree  to  which  people  connected  with  users,  begin  to  use  the  app  -­‐  this   is  a  type  of  innova/on  diffusion  analysis  which  tracks  how  infec/ous  the  app  is  and   how  it  may  get  spread  through  connec/ons  with  current  users
  • 8.  improvements  Phase  1:   Phase  2:   Future  Ini/al  Submission   Improvements   development  Co-­‐Design  with  HealthTech  Hatch   Rewrote  the  applica/on  to  improve  the   Analy/cs  to  generate  usage  data  and   user  experience     show  impact  Feedback  lead  to  improvements  in  layout,  design,  and  organiza/on     Designed  new  home  page  which   Survey  tool  implemented  to  get   includes  the  ability  to  track  ac/vity  for     feedback  from  people  who  are  not   family  members  and  other     ac/ve,  and  super  users  to  gain  more  Presented  prototype  during  a  class  at   insight  Penn  Nursing  for  addi/onal  feedback   Tighter  integra/on  between   healthfinder  resources  and  plan  for   Use  the  app  to  promote  the  Developed  a  100%  Mobile  service   your  family   dissemina/on  via   other  social  network       Development  of  health  literacy   messaging   Addi/onal  Co-­‐Design  to  allow  for  user   feedback  and  future  improvements   Expanded  func/onality,  improved   reliability  and  enhanced  content

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