NASA's LRO satellite will offer bird's eye view of moon ...
NASA's LRO satellite will offer bird's eye view of moon ...
NASA's LRO satellite will offer bird's eye view of moon ...
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NASA's LRO satellite will offer bird's eye view of moon

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - NASA's LRO satellite will offer bird's eye view of moon

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NASA's LRO satellite will offer bird's eye view of moon 4/30/09 4:41 PM Protecting Sharepoint with Thinking Beyond Tape: The LIVEWIRE™: Full-Server More Functionality, Less Double-Take for Windows Case Against Tape Backup Protecting and Recovery in Infrastructure: Managed IT 5.0 Real-Time with netBoot/i Home News Blogs White Papers Newsletters IT Careers News Blogs Shark Bait NASA's LRO satellite will offer bird's eye view of Knowledge Centers Operating Systems moon Networking & Internet High-resolution photos will be used to find Mobile & Wireless Security fertile ground for lunar base Storage By Lucas Mearian SAN NAS Comments (6) Recommended (30) Digg Twitter ShareThis Hardware Software March 11, 2009 (Computerworld) A lunar satellite with special cameras Disaster Recovery NASA plans to launch in May will send back the highest-resolution Compliance photographs ever taken of the moon's surface, providing scientists -- Storage Security and the public -- with a virtual view that's close to the real one found Business Intelligence Servers & Data Center by astronaut Neil Armstrong in 1969. Hardware Scientists say the 10000-by-1000 resolution images from the Lunar Software Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) will equal roughly one foot of Development Moon surface for every pixel. The satellite will orbit about 31 miles Careers above the moon. "I believe we'll have better public imagery of some Management parts of the moon than we do of some parts of the earth," said Dan Government White Papers & Webcasts Stanzione, director of Arizona State University's Fulton High Opinion Performance Computing Initiative. Columnists Speeding business innovation with HP Data Center SharkTank Top Stories The LROC is part of NASA's Lunar Transformation solutions Webcasts Precursor Robotic Program and the first (Source: HP) Data center transformation enables your IT Microsoft gives users organization to focus more on business priorities and Video Windows 7 free for 13 spacecraft to be built as part of NASA's innovation by decreasing spending on maintenance and... Podcasts months plans to return to the Moon." White Papers How Facebook mucks Boost your CAE productivity, and break-away from the Computerworld Reports up office life pack (Source: Sun) Join Clemson University as they present their Zones Greenspan: H-1B cap groundbreaking engineering simulations research at their Case Study Library creates 'privileged elite' Computational Center for Mobility Systems. Dr. James RSS Feeds Leylek,... Windows 7's XP Mode Events may not work on many PCs HP Data Center Transformation solutions Face to Face (Source: HP) CIOs today are challenged to respond to Virtual Microsoft doctors economic and business pressures, to change from being cost Industry AutoRun in Windows 7 centers to becoming strategic business... to stymie Conficker This Week in Print If flu threat rises, CDC Bigger Savings through Greater Server Virtualization Print Subscriptions wants 'pandemic (Source: Brocade) Tune into this informative Webcast to find coordinator' in out how it can be done.... workplace NASA will use the photos to explore for a Best Practices for Symantec NetBackup (NBU) Design Moon base location (Source: Data Domain) Standard practices and conventional technologies are being pushed to their limits in many backup Arizona State has partnered environments. Data Domain deduplication storage solutions... with NASA and the Johnson Space Center to compile a digital archive of thousands of new images from the LROC as well as images from past Apollo mission flight films for the world to view. The Apollo film Data Center Eco-Nomics: Quickly reduce costs and environmental impact through ROI focused Data Center archive project started in June 2007 and is expected to be completed Transformation initiatives this summer. (Source: HP) Not only is it possible to gain a rapid ROI from The images from the LROC will be transmitted from the satellite to your green computing efforts while at the same time laying... Arizona State for systematic processing. The images will be stored in the school's main data center on NetApp arrays, and will then be Data Domain for Symantec OpenStorage Primer (Source: Data Domain) The Data Domain OpenStorage replicated to secondary campus sites. At the same time, the images solution for Symantec NetBackup advances the ability to use will also be replicated off-site onto systems within the Storage Delivery disk as disk by eliminating the need... Network cloud computing service from Nirvanix. Stanzione, who oversees the high-resolution photo project, said the A Better Approach to Storage Explained (Source: Pillar Data) The business value of data varies satellite will launch around May 22 and that its images will take about widely and changes over time; therefore, storage systems 90 days to process. They will first be accessible by NASA scientists should flex to accommodate those changes.... and soon thereafter to the public via Arizona State's Web servers. A graphical user interface will allow viewers to specify the region of the NetApp and Microsoft Virtualization Storage Best moon they want to explore. Practices (Source: NetApp) This technical report provides guidelines The photography of the moon will begin with a scan of the lunar north and best practices for integrated architectures and pole region, which measures about 134 miles by 20 miles, according to Page 1 of 3
  • 2. NASA's LRO satellite will offer bird's eye view of moon 4/30/09 4:41 PM and best practices for integrated architectures and pole region, which measures about 134 miles by 20 miles, according to implementations of Microsoft® server virtualization Ernest Bowman-Cisneros, manager of the LROC Science Operations technologies with NetApp® storage... Center at Arizona State's School for Earth and Space Exploration. Virtualized Storage and Windows Server® 2008 In the satellite's first year of orbiting, more than 130TB of image data is (Source: Dell) Storage virtualization is nothing new, but what expected to be stored in the school's servers. "Officially, this is a one- is new and exciting with regard to storage virtualization and year mission, but if it's successful and the spacecraft still works, an Windows Server® 2008? In... extended mission may go out several years and it will produce data at All White Papers | All Webcasts that rate," Stanzione said. NASA spokesman Grey Hautaluoma added, "The LROC could be up there for five years or more. We've had a pretty good track record of things lasting longer than the initial phase Computerworld Reports was planned for." SCSI Inflection Point: The New Era of Serial Attached 1 2 Next » RESOURCE CENTER SCSI APC Interactive Trade Off Sign up for the Computerworld Daily newsletter. Computerworld Technology Briefing: Intelligent Users Use Tools Business Intelligence Introducing APC Trade Off Tools, Web Based Calculators For Predicting Data Center Make a Comment Recommend This ShareThis Computerworld Technology Briefing: Application Efficiency. Consolidation MSDN and TechNet Plus Print This Send Feedback Reprints All Computerworld Reports Subscribers Save MSDN or TechNet Plus subscribers save $200 on the full conference fee. 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SOFTWARE PIRACY - REWARD WHITE PAPER Anonymously Report Piracy at IDC White Paper: Optimizing Infrastructure your current/former Company Control and get a $1 Million reward! Discover how an investment in configuration assessment and change auditing solutions can steady IT operations, lowering the operational costs associated with the IT infrastructure and See your link here provide a solid foundation that increases the effectiveness of the investment in information security. Download now! Subscribe to our e-mail newsletters What People Are Saying 6 comments | Add new Research from For more info on a specific Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose SAP for Business newsletter, click the title. Yeah Rate this Transformation Details will be displayed in a Submitted by Anonymous on March 12, 2009 - 09:50. Many CEOs have told us that business transformation needs to be new window. done effectively and efficiently, without much... Finally somthing with the resolution to shut the Data Management lunar landing hoax people up. Well at least until F5 and VMware Solutions Note Storage they cry photoshop. Rated +9 Marry Benefits from Server and File Virtualization with F5 Acopia 11 Votes and VMware Computerworld Daily News reply | report this comment (First Look and Wrap-Up) Actual Storage Utilization and your IT Bottom Line Computerworld Blogs IT budgets are shrinking even as the reliance on data availability Newsletter Perhaps these photos will grows. One area where IT departments can... Rate this The Weekly Top 10 Submitted by Anonymous on March 12, 2009 - 12:58. More from More E-Mail Newsletters Perhaps these photos will not be classified as previous photos. Why would there even be Enter E-mail Address classified photos if there wasn't something to hide? Rated -1 3 Votes IT Jobs reply | report this comment Oracle Developer Phoenix, AZ Corrections Rate this PRINT EDITION Java Developer Submitted by Anonymous on March 12, 2009 - 13:24. New York, NY Subscribe to Dan Stanzione does a fine job at HPC, but he Computerworld PHP Programmer 40 years of the doesn't oversee the camera project. The principle Nashville, TN MMA Creative most investigator is Dr. Mark Robinson, also with ASU. Rated +4 4 Votes authoritative Senior Developer source of news Also, there are two narrow angle cameras (NACs) Buffalo, NY Synacor and information for double the imaging fun. More Jobs | Post A Job for IT leaders. reply | report this comment Enter E-mail Address See all comments (6) | Add new Page 2 of 3
  • 3. NASA's LRO satellite will offer bird's eye view of moon 4/30/09 4:41 PM White Papers Speeding business innovation with HP Data Center Transformation solutions HP Data Center Transformation solutions Best Practices for Symantec NetBackup (NBU) Design Data Domain for Symantec OpenStorage Primer NetApp and Microsoft Virtualization Storage Best Practices NetApp and VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 Storage Best Practices LIVEWIRE™:Full-Server Protection and Recovery in Real-Time Thinking Beyond Tape: The Case Against Tape Backup More Functionality, Less Infrastructure: Managed IT with netBoot/i Protecting Sharepoint with Double-Take for Windows 5.0 Ovum Summit: Making the Case for Oracle Database on Windows Actual Storage Utilization and Your IT Bottom Line Microsoft Exchange Best Practices Thin Provisioning: The Secret to Achieving Operational Efficiency in the Data Center The Modern Virtualized Data Center Dedupe-Centric Storage for General Applications Building Proven Data Protection Strategies Reversing the Requirement for Storage Growth - IBM Consolidates and Evaluating Enterprise-Class VTLs: The IBM System Storage TS7650G Simplifies Tier-2 Storage ProtecTIER De-duplication Gateway IBM TS7650G ProtecTIER™ Enterprise-class Data De-duplication Sponsored Links Combine your communications with Converged Solutions from Sprint. With the NEW KODAK i700 Series Scanners get full speed at 300dpi! Webcast: Effectively secure your environment with Symantec Protection Suite ESET NOD32 with ThreatSense(R) - Get your free trial now! Is your website running right in key markets? Find out at no cost Learn the top 10 things successful IT teams do; register today! SonicWALL vs. All Email Threats. No Contest. Demand more network value - 41% more. Read Forrester study at Get business users off your back: Crystal Reports free trial IT Integration for M&A: Rapidly Scale & Secure the Infrastructure Intel® Tech Roadmap. Register for the Upcoming Intel® Xeon® Technology Event Today! JBoss Virtual Experience -- Enter. Discover. Advance. Save up to 60% plus receive a 10-piece cutlery set FREE from Omaha Steaks. Simple solutions to lower the cost of Mac support. Register today for upcoming Webinar. 64-page prescriptive guide to security, compliance, and IT operations. Bringing IT & Telecom Jobs Back to America and IT / Telecom Software & The Fraudster Economy Model: Operating a Business in the Underground Services Join the conversation about the hottest IT trends with Computerworld on The Planet Storage Cloud: faster access, better prices Twitter. Join us in Computerworld's Inner Circle and receive free research reports. Create business data you can believe in with data governance - Access thousands of white papers on 300+ technical Not All QSAs Are Created Equal: What You Should Know Before You Buy topics. The arrival of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) marks a new era in storage Leverage Your Cisco infrastructure for Superior Application Performance scalability Learn about the AMD Virtual Experience The AMD Virtual Experience Virtual Trade Show Introducing: Project Icebreaker About Us Advertise Contacts Editorial Calendar Help Desk Jobs at IDG Privacy Policy Reprints Site Map CIO Computerworld CSO DEMO GamePro IDC IDG IDG Connect IDG Knowledge Hub IDG TechNetwork IDG Ventures InfoWorld ITwhitepapers ITworld JavaWorld LinuxWorld Macworld Network World PC World The Industry Standard Copyright © 1994 - 2009 Computerworld Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Computerworld Inc. is prohibited. Computerworld and and the respective logos are trademarks of International Data Group Inc. Page 3 of 3

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