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NATO Brochure_6-2012

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - NATO Brochure_6-2012

  • 1. Value-Added Services: The Securitas USA Difference   • In January, Securitas USA held a Client Brief- ing for its 150+ clients located in Chicago’s Central Business District (CBD). Presenters provided an overview of the NATO Summit, a National Special Security Event, including an overview of information provided by the Chicago Police Department, the City of Chi- cago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communication, the FBI and the U. S. Secret Service, a brief history of the security challeng- es faced by cities hosting similar events and offered suggestions for planning to meet those challenges. A handout given to clients included a check list of security considerations for their building or property. • In February March, and April, Securitas USA representatives met with more than 30 indi- vidual clients and building tenants for Property Specific Presentations about preparedness planning specific to their building. A Site Oper- ational Analysis Supplement guided discus- sions on potential security issues, including the building’s location, perimeter and access points, and if policies and procedures were in place for effective communications and proper response to emergency situations. • Securitas USA offered a variety of instructor- led training classes on topics ranging from crowd control and managing aggressive indi- viduals to understanding protester rights, com- www. Thorough planning, extensive preparations and real-time intelligence helped Securitas USA clients address potential threats to people and property during the NATO 2012 Summit in Chicago. As thousands of protesters assembled in advance of the NATO Summit in May, Securitas USA and its clients in downtown Chicago were confident. Preparations had been underway for several months. Safety precautions had been taken, and systems and procedures were in place for monitoring activity and taking action if necessary. An unprecedented range of value-added services had been provided by Securitas USA to help clients prepare for the event. ®
  • 2. Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. 150 S. Wacker Drive Suite 50 LL Chicago, IL 60606 312-474-5324 www. © 2012 Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. • Printed in USA • 6/12 mon tactics used by protesters, and effective ways to respond. All Securitas USA officers working in BOMA buildings in the CBD were required to complete six hours of refresher training courses, which also were attended by more than 20-30 clients and building tenants. • Contingency planning included a review of post orders at each client location and mutu- ally determining if additional staffing would be required during the NATO Summit. Off-duty or recently retired police officers were scheduled to supplement regular security teams. Securi- tas USA also provided each client with a secure channel radio so that a redundant communica- tions system would be in place, if needed. • In early May, Securitas USA clients in the CBD were invited to join the Pinkerton Vigilance Community, established by Pinkerton’s Global Risk Group. Through a password-protected website, members had 24/7 access to a dashboard offering aggregated public informa- tion about the NATO Summit, including news articles, city services reports and social media postings. In the days preceding and during the NATO Summit event, members could view via the internet live video feeds of protester as- semblies and movement, providing members with actionable intelligence and a common operating picture of what was happening in various locations. • Live video feeds made available to the Pinkerton Vigilance Community, as well as to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, included footage from ten CCTV cameras in- stalled by Securitas USA specifically to monitor anticipated protester activity at locations such as the Michigan Ave./Wacker Dr. intersection; the Columbus Dr./Jackson St. intersection, Daley Plaza, Federal Plaza, LaSalle St. and the Boeing Building. In addition, seven Securitas USA branch managers equipped with video cameras joined the protesters, providing real- time, “boots on the ground” footage of what was happening inside the demonstrations. • Video feeds from the branch managers and fixed CCTV cameras were immediately aggregated at Securitas USA’s Emergency Command Center and made available to Pinkerton Vigilance Community members. Police and Emergency Services radios also were monitored at Command Center, where on-site Pinkerton Intelligence Analysts were prepared to offer insights and recommenda- tions to clients. All of these value-added services were pro- vided to Securitas USA clients at no charge, as part of our commitment to help maintain safe and secure environments in the workplaces and communities we serve. We invite you to learn more about the industry-leading exper- tise and unparalleled services Securitas USA provides to our clients. For more information, contact: Jon Clark, Business Development Manager, 312-474-5324 |

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