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EnglishCentral has raised over $10M from Google Ventures,Atlas Venture and other investors including, SK Telecom Venturesa...
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EnglishCentral officially lauches its product in Korea.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Press Release May 11, 2011   EnglishCentral, Inc. EnglishCentral brings innovative English learning service to KoreaSeoul, South Korea EnglishCentral, Inc. ( todayannounced the launch of the Korean version of its break-thoughonline service. EnglishCentral makes improving one’s English skillsfun and effective by turning popular web videos into powerfullanguage learning experiences. Users can select from a wide variety of videos covering over 40topics ranging from business to entertainment to culture. For example,users can watch tutorials on improving their presentation skills, hearSteve Jobs talking about the latest technologies, take in an interviewwith Lady Gaga and stay up to date with daily news from Voice ofAmerica - all while building their vocabulary and improving theirpronunciation. EnglishCentral’s videos are leveled for difficulty and includevocabulary training as well as a proprietary speech assessmenttechnology that provides instant, personalized pronunciationfeedback. The basic features of the service -- watching and speakingvideos -- are free for learners to immerse themselves in engaging,authentic media. For serious learners, the pronunciation andvocabulary training are offered as a premium service for only 12,000Korean Won per month. Schools and teachers can also benefit by usingEnglishCentral’s video content as a compliment to their owncurriculum. Once registered as a school or teacher, EnglishCentral’steacher tools offer the ability to directly manage student groups, studygoals, student progress, as well as select video curriculum.
  • 2. EnglishCentral has raised over $10M from Google Ventures,Atlas Venture and other investors including, SK Telecom Venturesand Stonebridge Capital, who are also providing support for theKorean market. Rich Miner, Google Ventures partner and co-founder of Androidbefore it was acquired by Google, commented “EnglishCentral isinnovating in the English learning market in a way that models largescale internet sites. We’re excited by the company’s use of web video,and cloud-based speech technologies to provide a unique andcompelling service.” Alan Schwartz, CEO of EnglishCentral, commented “We aremaking best efforts to secure more educational and fun content andwill aim to provide continuously innovative learning environments fornot only the internet users but mobile users.”About EnglishCentralEnglishCentral, Inc., based in Arlington, Massachusetts, makesimproving English language skills fun and effective by turning popularweb videos into powerful language learning experiences.EnglishCentral users not only watch videos, they speak them andreceive instant, personalized pronunciation feedback from proprietaryspeech technology via its cloud-based system. Its founding investorswere Atlas Venture and Google Ventures. For more information,