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Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. DAVID A. PRESTWOOD 345 Country Circle Drive East Port Orange, FL 32128 H386-756-8742, B386-290-8959 dprestwood1@cfl.rr.com AVIATION AEROSPACE MARITIME BUSINESS ENGINEERING PROFESSIONAL AND QUALITY LEADER PROFILE With a hands-on engineering approach, successfully commands a Profitable Boating and Marine Corporation with the highest level of quality products and customer satisfaction in the Industry. An Aviation Aerospace Maritime Business and Technical Engineering Leader with a record of success and advancement in service to Bargain Water Sports & Marine, INC and Lockheed Martin USA. Early career success as a Space Shuttle Tile Quality Inspector at Kennedy Space Center with a rapid ascension from Entry Level to Senior Engineer delivering strategic leadership in the Space Shuttle Ground Support Equipment Engineering function. Over 40 years experience with Automobile, Boat, Aircraft, and Aerospace mechanical and electrical systems troubleshooting, repair, design and rebuilding. Recipient of two Technical Bachelor’s Degrees and a Master of Science (MBA) all from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, the Harvard of Aviation/ Aerospace Science.  Ability to run all aspects of a corporation wearing the hats required from day to day operations, purchasing, sales, office duties, sales and corporate taxes, computer and networking issues.  An expert in identifying, troubleshooting, and resolving mechanical and electrical issues while providing comprehensive solutions based on a synergistic team approach. Committed to delivering the kind of quality that holds lives in the balance with proven prowess in testing, operational checks, troubleshooting, and repair of those systems.  A unique expert in all aspects of Engineering Processes including associated drawings, work paper processing, installation, testing, metrology, spare parts procurement, and quality closure.  Highly knowledgeable in Auto/ Marine/ Aircraft / Aerospace systems, both AC (60 HZ, 400 HZ) to 3 phase and 12 / 24 VDC, Marine Aircraft Spacecraft Avionics, low powered lasers, CCD cameras, power supplies, filters, and converters.  Life-long hands on mechanic for over 40 years, that’s what makes for a Great Engineering leader. EXPERIENCE Bargain Water Sports & Marine, Inc., South Daytona, FL 2002-Present Founder/President/ Owner Established business in 1998 and assumed full time leadership of all operations in 2002, building a respected local business generating more than $500,000 on an annual basis. The dream started from being an avid boater for last 50 years, started waterskiing at 4 years old. Have successfully guided the growth of this Water Sports and Marine Items business while closely managing the efforts of two professionals engaged in delivering maritime products and services to a boating and water sport audience. Lockheed Martin /USA, Kennedy Space Center, FL 1989-2002 Senior Engineer Rapidly promoted from an Entry Level Engineer to Senior Engineer over a period of 14 years. Provided mission critical advanced troubleshooting and repair of GSE electrical systems while personally leading and developing the talents of new engineers engaged in testing, repair, and modification and CMO Closure. Worked in close collaboration with strategic vendors to identify and integrate products and services essential to the identification, proposal, and implementation of electrical modifications to mission critical Space Shuttle Ground Support Equipment. Various Part and Full Time Jobs, Pennsylvania and Florida, 1974 to 1988 To include: Mechanic’s helper, Auto Mechanic, Alarm and Fire Systems Installer, Boat Mechanic, Aviation Mechanic, ERAU Electrical and Mechanical Systems Laboratory Instructor.
  • 2. DAVID A. PRESTWOOD PAGE TWO CORE COMPENTENCIES Business Management • Auto / Marine / Aviation and Aerospace Systems • Major Modifications • New Technology Products • Design Concept • Vendor Management • Quality Control ACHIEVEMENTS  Married to the same beautiful Woman for 30 years.  Raised 2 successful children, the oldest who an Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Graduate is working in the Aviation industry, second son with one year of study remaining at ERAU.  A proven business professional dealing with all aspects of solving everyday situations, with the attitude “there is not a problem that exists that does not have a solution”, in a team environment.  Invent, Design, and Manufacture state of the art industry changing low stretch high strength wakeboarding tow line named Spectra Fusion Rope, spliced like a dock line with NO KNOTS.  Manufacture Quality America Made Products with the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry.  Have successfully created, promoted and hosted nautical / marine flea markets and sales in and around Ponce Inlet and Merritt Island, FL areas. Unreal networking and people person.  Set up, market, and sell to the retail public large amounts of closeout water sports and marine items at boat shows and nautical flea markets, with the highest customer satisfaction for over 15 years.  Played a key role in enabling the introduction and utilization of prototype tools developed in Lockheed skunk work projects by the R&D Department to NASA Space shuttle critical systems processing. Worked in close collaboration with the best and the brightest scientists of NASA and Lockheed Martin to achieve this.  Received NASA’s Flight Safety Engineering Award the highest award a non government employee can receive.  Recipient of ERAU Aviation Maintenance Fellowship Scholarship. EDUCATION Masters of Science, Aviation/Aerospace Management (MBA), Bachelor of Science, Aircraft Engineering (ABET Accredited) Bachelor of Science, Aviation Maintenance Technology (A&P, FCC Avionics) Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Daytona Beach, FL CERTIFICATIONS FAA Airframe and Power Plant Mechanics Licenses • FCC General Radiotelephone Operators License (Avionics) • Pennsylvania Automobile Inspection License • SAAB Automobile Mechanic • Gas and Diesel Mechanic TECHNICAL EXPERTISE Proficient in Unix DOS, all Microsoft Word Excel Access and Apple software products. Hardware knowledgeable in Stand- alone and networked PC’s, and Sun Spark Stations. EBAY Expert SECURITY CLEARANCE Discovery Top Secret Security Clearance 1989-2002 OBJECTIVE A Challenging Team Position that can best utilize my knowledge, experience, life lessons, in a Management, Project Systems Engineering, Quality Control, and / or Production environment. Member who can: lead the players, identify and satisfy customer needs, provide solutions to bottle necks, use Deming’s highest quality standards, resulting in lower cost, faster production, higher quality products and services. NOTE: OUTSTANDING PHYSICAL CONDITION, NO PRESCRIPTION DRUGS, AVID WATERSKIER

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